CapCut v7.1.0 Mod APK (Unlocked)

Currently, there are many options for you to have a mobile video editing application. There will be paid apps, and free apps. Of course, paid applications will have a much better quality. But there are also quite a few free, full-featured apps. In this article, we introduce you to a free application, which is loved by many users. It was CapCut.

Latest Version: 7.1.0
MOD Info: Unlocked
Requires: Android
Size: 60MB
Publisher: Bytedance Pte
Price: FREE
Genre: Video – Photo
Package: Google Play Link


CapCut is a late April 2020 app. This app was originally called Viamaker. The developer renamed it CapCut. Due to its free features, this app has gained popularity in two months. For reference, we evaluate this app’s basic features. CapCut MOD APK may be downloaded at the end of the article, along with additional possibilities.

CapCut Mod APK


Simple editing

The easiest mobile video editing app is CapCut. This mobile-optimized software lacks sophisticated capabilities like Kinemaster Premium and Alight Motion Pro. However, you may freely modify and produce your video using those tools.



CapCut Mod APK

The UI makes CapCut easier to use than other video editors. CapCut has an easy-to-use UI. The app streamlines every feature. Using its features is simple. That makes learning this software quick.

Sticker variety

Like other video editing apps, CapCut has stickers. It provides you an extraordinarily broad sticker collection on numerous topics and styles. With current typefaces, you may build films with maximum inventiveness. Select the sticker carefully to enhance the video.


CapCut Mod APK

Video effects

Each video’s topic and substance suit its effect. With the right video effects, people will like your video more. CapCut offers several interesting video effects. Create your own videos using this software.



CapCut Mod APK

Sound shop

CapCut offers a live sound shop with exclusive music, effects, and stickers. Effects, sound, and music will make your videos pop.

Export HD video

Free video editing software reduces video quality. That’s why most users select premium apps. CapCut saves videos without compromising quality. Every editor needs this.

Latest Version: 4.9.0 (Updated on Nov 24)

Every program has small bugs. Few mistakes are observed. Some devices have encountered minor CapCut app issues. Updates fix these problems. The developer included some intriguing features. Smart Lock for new experiences. A new function guide simplifies editing. Additions:

. Tap to overlay the main video bar;

. Freedom to import typefaces;

. Optimize performance and experience;

. Update several aspects to make outstanding films easily;

. Convert overlay track videos/photos easily and quickly;

. Voice effects;

. Tiktok login;

. Convenient assistance center button.


As you know, CapCut is a top app. Google Play has hundreds of millions of downloads. Also, users from other app marketplaces. This app’s top Google Play reviews are:

“Great software. It includes several basic and sophisticated features. Try it now!”

“So much fun. I was surprised with my video quality. CapCut makes learning video editing easy, even for beginners.

“Good app. Hope the developer adds more wonderful features”

“CapCut has straightforward, easy-to-use functionality. I just dislike its built-in music shop. My films usually need music from outside the app.”


CapCut does not have a Pro or Premium version, but you must uncover its hidden features. Using them requires money. Thus, we present CapCut MOD APK. This version unlocks all the app’s functionality; just install it. Application installation instructions:

. First, allow applications from Unknown Sources. Enable Unknown Sources in Settings -> Applications -> touch.

. If you installed it from Google Play, uninstall it;

. Next, download the CapCut MOD APK at the bottom of this page;

. Install the downloaded APK;

. Use the app to finish.

CapCut Mod APK


Rooted Android phones support CapCut?

This app works on Android. Leave a comment below if you need help installing.

I adore this app, but why can’t I pick photographs or movies from my phone’s memory card?

CapCut permits phone-wide picture and video uploads. Maybe you didn’t allow the app to access phone memory. Reinstalling the app should fix this!


CapCut watermarks finished videos like other video editing programs. Our MOD removes the watermark.

How do I update without losing data?

Install REDMOD CapCut to preserve old data. Our signed new versions can be overwritten without data loss.

CapCut Mod APK

CapCut Instructions

As said, anyone may use CapCut. We still teach newbies the basics. See the guide. This is only a simple introduction; the best way to learn this program is to use it!

Install CapCut MOD APK first.

CapCut Mod APK

After installing, you launch the app and accept the developer’s conditions.

To choose and modify files, click New Project on the application’s main screen.

CapCut-User-Manual-1-1.jpg has no alt property.

Please allow access and notify you.

CapCut-User-Manual-2.jpg has no alt property.

Select the video to modify and click Add in the lower right corner.

CapCut-User-Manual-3.jpg has no alt attribute.

CapCut Mod APK

Depending on your tastes, you have several video editing choices here. Trim, hate, divide, combine sounds or music, create transitions, modify speed, and more.

After editing, click the arrow-shaped Export Video icon. Customize here:

Video resolution.

FPS: Frames per second.

CapCut-User-Manual-4.jpg has no alt property.

Click Export to complete customization. Video export takes several minutes, depending on length and quality.

The gadget saves the video automatically. To finish and share to TikTok, click Done.

CapCut-User-Manual-5.jpg has no alt property.

CapCut Mod APK

Android CapCut MOD APK.

CapCut lets you customize video editing with several benefits. Most significantly, it is free. It cannot compete with KineMaster Premium or Adobe Premier Rush Premium. This program is good for basic video editing. CapCut MOD APK is available for download.

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