ChineseSkill MOD APK 6.5.7 (Premium Unlocked)

ChineseSkill MOD APK is the top quality free Chinese learning app on mobile. You won’t need any tutoring centers or tutors. All knowledge of Chinese from basic to advanced is integrated in this wonderful application.

Latest Version: 6.5.7
MOD Info: Premium Unlocked
Requires: Android
Size: 55MB
Publisher: ChineseSkill – Learn Chinese Mandarin APPs
Price: FREE
Genre: Education
Package: Google Play Link

Introduce yourself to ChineseSkill.

Leading scholars from several Chinese universities contributed to ChineseSkill. All knowledge is condensed into concise, easy-to-follow courses. The program will offer you with comprehensive and extensive understanding of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, and so forth.

You might require a language learning app, such as Ling Learn Languages, Duolingo, or LingoDeer.

ChineseSkill MOD APK

Playing games to learn

ChineseSkill will provide you with a variety of entertaining games. So that you may play and learn in the most comfortable way possible while without putting too much strain on yourself when learning. You will also acquire a lot of new vocabulary and phrase patterns while playing the game. The user’s vocabulary will be expanded as a result.

ChineseSkill in entertaining and creating the most pleasant environment. Suitable for the majority of students. You may learn new terms and view gorgeous visuals by playing the ChineseSkill game. Don’t overlook ChineseSkill if you wish to use this strategy. This is one method for keeping consumers interested in learning in ways they have never been before.

Methods of effective learning

ChineseSkill makes advantage of spaced repetition (SRS). This is a strategy for properly learning Chinese vocabulary. The words you previously learnt will be randomly repeated during the learning process. This allows you to recall words for extended periods of time and acquire terminology more easily.

The application has a variety of appealing survey methods. This feature will make the learning process more enjoyable and effective. Each word is evaluated for writing and thorough pronunciation as you read. Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing abilities are all encouraged in the most understandable and fun manner.

ChineseSkill is a useful tool for anyone learning Chinese for the first time. For those at a higher level, the program also includes reading, listening, and writing tasks. With this software, you may practice Chinese every day. Revision is required whether you are fresh to learning or have been studying for a long time since the language requires frequent review.

ChineseSkill MOD APK

Design lessons are brief and simple.

Learning Chinese will be difficult for those from Latin American nations. Many of you will be stressed when the language changes from abc to hieroglyphs. When studying Chinese, you will feel quite disheartened and may give up halfway through. Don’t worry, ChineseSkill will make it easy for you to learn Chinese.

At this moment, you will see the advantages of ChineseSkill. The program creates lessons in an unusual format that is simple and quick to finish. This contributes to user motivation by allowing knowledge to be absorbed swiftly and simply. At first, you will be extensively instructed on how to learn, read, and pronounce a Chinese word.

Knowledge from several fields

ChineseSkill offers a wide range of Chinese information in terms of vocabulary, grammar, sentence patterns, and so on. The program covers all levels of grammar, from beginner to advanced. There are around 150 grammatical forms and over 1000 important words and phrases to memorize. There are also over 50 Chinese skills, 200 effective sentence patterns, and 3000 Chinese phrases to pick from.

You can select classes based on your own tastes or suggestions. You desire to learn new things, travel, or get a career. ChineseSkill will assess and recommend paths based on your objectives. If you are a new student, the application will select the most basic course for you.

Quickly practice reading and precise pronunciation.

ChineseSkill is an excellent free Chinese learning software. You will be able to practice reading vocabulary or text accurately using ChineseSkill. The software use artificial intelligence to accurately assess your pronunciation. Your misinterpretation will be corrected automatically by the program. It is your responsibility to correct that error.

Offline learning option is convenient.

You can study Chinese from anywhere in the globe at any time. You may use the application without an internet connection after downloading the offline version. This allows you to review knowledge on a regular and continual basis. You may spend your leisure time doing beneficial things.

ChineseSkill MOD APK

MOD APK version of ChineseSkill

. MOD feature. Premium Unlocked

Download the most recent version of ChineseSkill MOD APK for Android.

If you want to study Chinese but don’t know where to start. Don’t know how to learn effectively? This will be an excellent application for efficiently learning Chinese. The program offers several informative courses ranging from basic to expert. ChineseSkill will keep you motivated to study Chinese by offering a comprehensive learning route.

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