Dictionary & Translator MOD APK 24.6.2 (Premium Unlocked)

Dictionary & Translator MOD APK is a useful English-Vietnamese dictionary lookup application. There is nothing better than having a dictionary to improve language learning effectively.

Latest Version: 24.6.2
MOD Info: Premium Unlocked
Requires: Android 5.0+
Size: 27MB
Publisher: Bravolol – Language Learning
Price: FREE
Genre: Education
Package: Google Play Link

Dictionary and Translator: An Introduction

Dictionary & Translator can help you learn English better. The app has been downloaded by more than 5 million people who trust it because it has useful features. Bravolol, a publisher that specializes in making apps to help people learn languages, puts out the app. The app has many English-Vietnamese words, examples, and other things.

Dictionary & Translator MOD APK

Use and look up words in offline dictionaries

Users don’t have to go online to look something up. Instead, they can use the app to look something up offline anytime, anywhere. The program can save all the words, so the lookup can be used in any situation. Even though the app is used offline, it has an unlimited number of words.

Standard English pronunciation with Dictionary and Translator

This is a feature that definitely helps users learn a language more effectively. Applications like Cambridge that make sure you speak standard English make it easy to copy and learn. This feature lets you read English even when you don’t have an internet connection.

Save your past searches

Users can’t remember every word they look up, so they have to meet a lot and look up a lot. The app will let you save your search history, which will move the word you searched for to the top of the search bar. Dictionary & Translator will save that word as a favorite word so that users can remember it easily.

Dictionary & Translator MOD APK

Help people find similar search terms

After the word is looked up, the app will give the user a few related words that are about the same thing. This feature makes it easier to learn new words. If you look up the meaning of the word “carrot,” for instance, the app will tell you that the word “broccoli” is also related to vegetables. One of the best ways to learn a language is to improve your vocabulary.

Simple to understand and full of examples

One way to remember words is to use them in a sentence. Then people will have a better idea of how to use this word in different situations. All of the examples of how to use the information are simple, easy-to-understand single-sentence examples. This is a great way for users to learn more and more words.

Make study cards for yourself.

This is a feature that helps you learn on your own. The app lets users make flash cards with searched words and their meanings to help them study. Users will be able to remember words and reflexes better because of this feature. Users can quickly figure out what words mean just by seeing them.

Custom size font

Users can change the size however they want. People of all ages can learn a language, not just young people. Not everyone has good eyesight, so this is a great way to look up for those who can’t. When the font size is right, it helps the eyes focus and doesn’t bother them.

Dictionary & Translator MOD APK

Dictionary & Translator with MOD APK

Dictionary & Translator is free to download on many different devices. But because the app is free, it still has some limits. Because of these problems, the publisher made the Premium version. You can download Dictionary & Translator MOD APK instead of paying for the Premium version.

MOD has Premium Unlocked features.

The Premium version of this app can now be used because of the MOD feature. The app can now be used with the following add-ons:

. No ads: Users often don’t like ads because they pop up when they don’t want to. The ads are taken out of the premium version to improve the user experience.

. 10 sets of personalized book marks: The app lets you make up to 10 groups of bookmarks, which are the same as 10 vocabulary topics. Users can create groups of words to learn by topic using this feature. It’s usually easier to remember words when you learn them by topic rather than word by word.

. Each group gets 1,000 bookmarks: The premium feature lets you save more than 1000 bookmarks. Each vocabulary topic, which can have hundreds of words, has its own set of words. With bookmarks, you can keep track of important words and where the speaker paused.

. 2000 characters for compilation: The application lets you put together 2000 characters. There are some words with more than one meaning, so looking them up doesn’t always give you what you want. This feature lets users add other meanings, like figurative or slang ones, that can be used in many situations.

Download the latest version of Dictionary & Translator MOD APK for Android.

Dictionary & Translator is an English lookup tool that millions of people trust. When you install this app, it makes it easier for you to learn English words. You can use the Dictionary & Translator app to look up words and improve your English vocabulary right now.

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