Dr. Driving MOD APK v1.69 (Unlimited Money/Gold/All Unlocked)

High School Story MOD APK  Introduction

Dr. Driving MOD APK is the top driving simulator game for Android. If you’d like to drive in real life you must obtain a driving license. Of course, if you’re driving, it’s you will be able to get a driving permit. If you’re not ready to drive, do not take the risk of driving since it can be hazardous at any time. Download this game right now to master the fundamental guidelines and techniques for driving.

The game first appeared on the Google Play Store on the 13th of December 2013. As of today, the game has crossed millions of installations with favorable reviews. Once the player begins the game, they will experience the real driving feel while taking part in a challenging mode to enhance the speed of driving. Some of the challenging modes come with strict rules similar to real life. Be sure to follow the strict guidelines to be aware of the rules and rules.


Dr. Driving MOD APK v1.69 (Unlimited Money/Gold/All Unlocked)

Learn to drive

There are numerous car games on Android. These games are however racing-based and each mission challenges a variety. This isn’t an actual racing game but rather an objective-based game. You can drive with real-world vehicle controls to enhance your driving ability. Of course, there is Dr. Driving MOD comes with various super-powered vehicles with various capabilities.

At the beginning of the game, the players are dropped by the standard orange car. Cars that are newer and not perfect for every time. When you begin driving your car, the damage to cars will rise. Damages to cars will reduce the power of the engine of the vehicle. Make sure to drive the car like a taxi driver in real life. Yes, slow down and move the car on the correct track.

Good news for beginning drivers. The Dr. Driving MOD APK doesn’t provide traffic signals between roads. The basic driving abilities are sufficient to drive the car on the roadway. The first task was simple and simple to finish. You drive your car in a normal manner and quicker to complete the task. After completing this challenge will receive various rewards.

The rewards are used to repair or purchase new, expensive vehicles. While driving makes sure you are careful when you drive. If you strike any object on the road, one woman police will stop you and give you an amount of money. There are numerous cars included in the game that have tiny dimensions. Sure, Lamborghini and Ferrari’s racing cars are also available. But these cars require plenty of coins to be worth purchasing.


Dr. Driving MOD APK has basic controls. Each new participant is familiar with the controls. Controls are easy to use and driving is linked to real-world experience. Famous racing games also use controls, but those controls aren’t enough to drive. In the game mode, the layer comes with a single steering wheel as well as two pedals. One of them is an accelerator and the other one is a brake. Be careful when handling the pedals for driving and steering. Turning the steering wheel to direct the direction of the car. Modify the car’s controls in-game settings.

Dr. Driving MOD APK allows users to steer the car in various ways. Change the control settings, such as the gyro mode or button controls. Gyro mode control isn’t the best option to drive with. We suggest the button controls for you. Make use of the buttons to steer the car in a precise manner. Make sure you give the proper vehicle the acceleration and turn to the speed you need on your steering wheel. When you are finished with the mission, keep the vehicle in the right appropriate lane. Do not cross the line of lanes. If you do, you could face serious issues.


Dr. Driving MOD APK has several challenging challenges to understanding driving. You must complete all missions in order to understand the mechanics of driving a car perfectly. These missions include speed, highway, lane VIP, truck 2-way drive, normal drive with no brake, and with limited gasoline. Each mission available is thrilling to play. I like playing on the highway.

Yes, the Highway mission is straightforward to complete and play with. Extremely difficult demanding missions are restricted to fuel and VIP assistance. These kinds of missions aren’t simple to master. Every brake challenge is fun and also helps to develop driving tactics. Through playing in without a brake, you can discover situations that are not brake-related. Yes, there are times when the brake of your car may be damaged. Therefore, this task will greatly assist in any situation.


The developer of the game concentrated on bringing an experience to every player. Therefore the Dr. Driving MOD APK was created using simple graphics. The dimension of the game comes to less than 11 MB. Based on the size that the game, its graphics are enough to be seen. The graphics of the car are nicely designed and traffic time car animations have also been improved. 2D and 3D collaborative graphical animation are included in the game.


We have provided the entire information on the Dr. Driving MOD APK. It is a fantastic driving game that helps you develop complete driving skills. The total size of the game is just under 11 MB and includes a lot of options. The graphics are not great but the physical quality has been improved. Yes, the game’s developer included a lot of real-world physical methods.

There is no difference between the gameplay and real-life driving. Thank you to the creator for creating a realistic game. In the original version of the game, you require Gold coins in order to access the new supercars. Mod version of MOD to unlock unlimited gold and have all cars unlockable. Download the most recent version of MOD by clicking on the linked to.

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