edjing Mix MOD APK 7.04.02 (Pro Unlocked)

edjing Mix – The world’s most downloaded DJ mixing app. It was also voted by Google as the best application for 4 years in a row. So what does this app have that are so appreciated? Come find out with us! You will own the free Pro version of this application if you download our MOD APK file.

Latest Version: 7.04.02
MOD Info: Pro Unlocked
Requires: Android
Size: 33MB
Publisher: MWM
Price: FREE
Genre: Music – Audio
Package: Google Play Link

Explain what edjing mix is.

edjing Mix is a program that was made with the help of professional DJs. After many tests, MWM has put out the version that works best. Right away, a lot of users were interested in the application. With so many different features and DJ tools, you’ll be able to make the best products. Sit down and use this app to let your creativity flow!

edjing Mix MOD APK

Make your own sounds

It’s really cool that you can now make your own sounds. You can get professional sound effects with edjing Mix. It comes with Echo, Flager, Reverse, and Filter, which let you do the things above. There are two letters A and B on the main screen of the app. You add effects there to start mixing. You can mix the sounds of each effect however you like. The end goal is to make a mix that feels like the song.

Excellent mixing of music

Many levels

You can mix music at three different levels in this edjing Mix app: high, medium, and low. At each level, a different spirit is added to the mix. Along with that is the fact that each version is different. So, if you want to make a fast, slow, medium, or low mix, all you have to do is choose the right level.

edjing Mix MOD APK



So, how do you mix songs? On the interface, you can see two music discs, each with a different side facing up. The tracks you added before will be on each side of the disc. If you want to use the tracks on the left disc, you press the play button on the left. If you want to use the tracks on the right disc, you press the play button on the right. You have to press both play buttons at the same time if you want to mix songs on both sides. You can also add music effects that you have already made to the mix. You can add to the track at any time while it is being mixed by pressing the button next to it.

edjing Mix also gives you a professional DJ table that you can use to make great music. Each side of the two big squares on the interface will have four more small squares. Each tile will have a different sound track that you can listen to. Which sounds like Clap, Kick, Air Horn, Gunshot… Professional DJs made those sounds, which are very different from each other. You can let your imagination run wild and make your own products.

Change up old songs

You can also combine old songs to make them sound more modern. You can add any music or song from your library to the app. Then, add to the song with edjing Mix’s mixing tools. Maybe more people will like your product after Mix if you share it. On every track, let your creativity flow!

edjing Mix MOD APK

Sound and interface

edjing Mix has a simple, smart, and easy-to-use interface. Users can quickly get to all the features they need. Design the interface so that it has all the functions a professional DJ would need. You can use it even if you have never worked in this field before. The application is very easy to use, so there are clear instructions that users can easily find. Also, the interface is colorful and makes real music.

The sound is the most important part of because it affects the mix so much. We’ve used it and found that the sound quality is pretty good. Each melody is very clear and easy to remember. Professional DJs make the sounds themselves, so they are always different. You will definitely spend a lot of time listening to these songs.

The Pro Unlocked features of the MOD APK version of edjing Mix MOD are: The Pro version is free to register and keep up to date. We have it unlocked for good. All of the features that are locked down in the free version will be unlocked in the Pro version.

Download edjing Mix MOD APK for Android.

edjing Mix isn’t just a music app; it’s also a place where you can enjoy what you love. This is our favorite app for DJ mixing. edjing Mix, which was made with the help of professional DJs, will turn your device into a real DJ table. DJing on mobile phones will be able to do more, giving players more creative freedom. Do not pass up the chance to try out this great app!

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