ELSA Speak MOD APK 6.9.3 (Pro Unlocked)

More than 7 million people have used and trusted the ELSA Speak English learning app! The modern and scientific approach helps users quickly master English in a short time. Download our ELSA Speak MOD APK version so you can access all features completely for free.

Latest Version: 6.9.3
MOD Info: Pro Unlocked
Requires: Android 5.0+
Size: 33MB
Publisher: ELSA Speak
Price: FREE
Genre: Education
Package: Google Play Link

Introduce yourself and speak about ELSA.

English Learning Speech Assistant (ELSA) is one of the most advanced English learning tools accessible today. It employs a significant amount of Artificial Intelligence technology in voice recognition. Many language specialists also have confidence in ELSA Speak. With powerful capabilities and an easy-to-use design, this program is ideal for daily practice of speaking English like a native. Follow the instructions in the article below to have a better understanding of this fantastic program!


Language app with a high rating

ELSA Speak has swiftly proven its worth since its inception. It is progressively gaining popularity and piques the curiosity of many specialists. They are also quite pleased with all of its features and advanced training. As a result, this program has garnered several accolades for top language apps.

. Apple awarded the “Typical App of the Day” award in 2019 and 2020.

. EdTech Digest’s Top 100 Educational Technology Apps for 2020

. The Business Review 2020’s top ten typical startups in Vietnam

. First place in the 2016 SXSWEdu Launch Education Technology Contest

. Reimagine Education 2016 Gold Award for “Digital Education Application”

. ProductHunt 2016’s #1 Education App

. Salma Hayek has been mentioned on TechCrunch, Forbes, Mashable, VentureBeat, and Yahoo.

ELSA’s Teaching Goal Speak

This software primarily focuses on improving your English pronunciation. So it might not have as strong grammar and vocabulary courses as Beelinguapp or LingoDeer. ELSA Speak incorporates cutting-edge technologies for flawless voice recognition. You will be corrected and developed in native-like pronunciation. Use ELSA to practice speaking English in everyday situations and to prepare for examinations such as IELTS, TOEFL, and TOEIC. Furthermore, it essential for you to polish your communication abilities prior to a job interview or presentation. Through extremely precise intelligence training, ELSA is meant to help you enhance your English speaking abilities and minimize your local accent.

Capacity stated

The only program with a user input test function is ELSA Speak. The world’s top language specialists created this pilot exam. After you finish, you will receive the results and a review. There you will learn more about your pronunciation strengths and flaws. The system will program and construct the best course for you based on the results of the exam. If you successfully finish the daily courses, you will notice a significant improvement in your English communication skills.


Personalized education program

The capacity of ELSA Speak to develop individual learning programs for users is one of its strengths. Doing your own tailored workouts is the quickest and most effective method to learn. Personalized activities are the quickest method to learn. As a language instructor, ELSA Speak will select short and relevant sessions for you. You may then work on improving your pronunciation so that you can speak like a native. You will get 1,600 lessons (equal to more than 6,000 tasks) to study covering more than 40 areas such as travel, leisure, job, and education.

Daily amusement challenge

Play fun English games to improve basic abilities such as pronunciation, stress, intonation, listening, and communication. Reduce boredom and develop your English skills with ELSA Speak’s daily challenges. Elsa’s powerful voice recognition technology will provide you with immediate and accurate feedback. You may compare your voice to that of a native speaker in a matter of seconds. With Advanced Feedback, you may obtain help rectifying errors and feedback on other sounds via the IPA transcript. Finally, there is a video showing how to pronounce difficult syllables.

Every day, new challenges are added for users to complete. The app will recommend various challenges based on your route. The system, in particular, provides tasks to help you improve your pronunciation deficiencies. You will rapidly see the benefit if you practice every day to form a habit.


ELSA Speak Interface

ELSA Speak uses the same UI design as other online learning tools. Lectures are delivered by video or text. Each lecture has a distinct presentation depending on the material. Clearly segmented and cleanly arranged sections allow you to rapidly get the information you want. The UI theme is simple and ideal for learning purposes. This ease of use also helps users avoid eye fatigue when studying with ELSA Speak.

We are quite satisfied with how the lectures in this application are presented. Voice transmission with native speakers is standard, allowing learners to immediately get the right pronunciation. Countless live conversations powered by artificial intelligence can help you vastly enhance your communication.

It is preferable to join up for ELSA Speak Pro.


. More fantastic features and lectures will be available through the ELSA Speak Pro program. It has several advantages for you, including:

. Access to over 1,600 courses and 40 practical themes like American Culture, Travel, Career, Daily English, Entertainment, and more.

. Access Elsa Artificial Intelligence tutoring to improve learning

. All key skill categories, including as pronunciation, dialogue, intonation, stress, and listening, are integrated into a learning path tracker.

. Unlock all of the free version’s restricted features.


You can proceed with the registration by simply accessing the application. When you opt to purchase, the system will pay your tuition. If you do not wish to renew, you must cancel 24 hours in advance. To cancel auto-renew, go to your account’s auto-renew options. Is it completely free? When you utilize our MOD APK version, it is feasible.

ELSA Speak MOD APK Version

. MOD function

. Unlocked Pro

ELSA Speak MOD APK for Android is available for download.

If you are serious about improving your English communication skills, download ELSA Speak right away! This is the most sophisticated application for pronunciation and communication lessons available today. Experts create course material, assuring educational quality. This software has assisted millions of individuals worldwide in speaking English more confidently. Don’t put it off any longer; launch the app and start speaking naturally with ELSA Speak!

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