Funimate v12.9 Mod APK (Pro Unlocked)

You can create unique videos by yourself with the support of Funimate. This is an application to edit, create videos with extremely eye-catching effects. You can consider using our Funimate MOD APK version to experience all the features for free.

Latest Version: 12.9
MOD Info: Pro Unlocked
Requires: Android
Size: 113MB
Publisher: AVCR Inc
Price: FREE
Genre: Video – Photo
Package: Google Play Link

Introduce about Funimate

Tiktok has become a very popular social networking app in the past few years. You can watch short videos that are either very cool or very cute up above. All of these videos for social networking sites have been edited and cut in a professional way. Try Funimate if you want to make your own video like that. This app from AVCR lets you create and edit videos and is sure to help you make the best ones.

Funimate Mod APK

Easy to use and get used to

You’re not an expert, so you don’t know how to start editing. Don’t worry, Funimate’s smart design will help you get through those tough times. The interface screen has all the best tools and is well-organized and easy to use. You will quickly learn how to use it and find the tools you need to edit your videos.

Most importantly, this app has a detailed guide for new users that shows them how to use all of its features and tools. The developer makes short videos that show you how to use the most important tools. Once you know how to use the basic tools, you’ll learn how to put them together. Because of this, the video you make will be very unique and well done. Let’s make incredible videos that will blow people away!

Powerful things

Add effects

Funimate also lets you add more than 100 advanced music and video effects. You won’t believe how easy it is to make a music video. You can not only choose from the effects that are already there, but you can also make your own effects. You can make animated, eye-catching effects with photos on your phone. Each video effect is good for a different kind of video. So, you can use many different styles to make videos that are all your own.


Put in music and smiley faces

Your video will stand out if it has catchy music. Even if they are only in the background of the main video, these little things make your video more interesting. Choose cool or beautiful music based on what your video is about. Or, if you want to make a video that tells a story, you can use deep candlestick music. People who follow you will be very happy to see those videos.

Funimate also makes it easy to add emojis. We have a lot of cute icons you can use to make your video more interesting.

Funimate Mod APK

Cut, merge video

This is an important feature, and you may know it too well. This is a key feature that will help you get rid of videos you already have and add more. Not only that, but you can also make loops that can be used as accents in your videos. It’s also very easy to cut or join videos together. You just need to touch and drag the beginning and end of the part of the video you want to save, and the extra parts will be cut out automatically. You can also get rid of the middle part of the video.

Main effects


With just one tap, you can add great transitions to your edits. Funimate has the best video transitions to really impress your audience. Just add your photos and videos, and with a few taps, you’ll have a fun video with professional video transition effects.

Element library

Adding overlays, stickers, and backgrounds to video editing makes the process even more fun. You can choose from tens of thousands of elements in Funimate’s library of elements. Funimate also lets you add text and hundreds of emojis to your videos to make cool music videos, lip sync videos, and slow-motion videos.

Masks for videos and AI effects

With just one click, you can change your video’s background and add cool masking effects. How to do it is also very simple and quick. To try this, add a dance or freehand video, tap the AI Effects button, and choose the effect you want.


You can do anything you want with this app to make your videos stand out. You can use photos on your phone to make your own effects. Using keyframes, it’s easy to make your layers move. Find custom animations to show your followers how creative you are.

A few more effects

This app also lets you do a lot of other cool things. You can choose from different animations for the beginning and end of your videos. When you add text, like song lyrics, along with neon or colorful effects, the product will stand out more. You can make short music videos with creative effects by adding your favorite music to video.

Social network tools

Funimate is made to make short video loops, which are great for editing videos for social media sites. The app’s effects are also made to work well with Hyperlapse, Dubsmash, and other creative tools that let you make short videos. Your video is easy to share on popular social networks if you just change a few things. So, it will be easy for your friends on social networks to interact with your unique videos. Show off the best videos to your friends or fans.

Funimate Mod APK

Funimate’s most important parts

. Make fun videos to show your friends and fans how good you are at making videos;

. Add cool effects to your videos with more than 100 advanced video effects;

. Make your own effects to give the video a personal touch;

. You can make short music videos with creative effects by adding your favorite music to video;

. Add hundreds of stickers, emojis, and text to a video;

. On Video Editor and Video Maker, you and your best friends can work together to make videos;

. Cut video like other apps for editing;

. The video effects on Funimate are made to work well with short videos;

. Make short videos with video loops;

People who like music videos. You make videos to show how creative you are for daily challenges;

. You can easily share music videos, videos that sync to music, and slow-motion videos on Musical, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

. If you don’t want to share widely, you can also share Funimate videos privately with just your friends and family through WhatsApp.

Some new things

. Latest version: 12.6 (Updated on Apr 16, 2022)

. You can now change your videos in a lot of new ways;

. Tile Spin, 3D Flip, and more new transitions;

. With the Motion Tile feature, you can make animated patterns that repeat from layers.

. You should do better;

. Make the application more stable;

. The interface has been improved by making it easier to use and more beautiful.

. This update adds five great transitions: VR Reorient, Tile Slide, Skew and Shake, Riddle Strip, and Pinch Bulge;

. Fix a few small mistakes in the old version.

Some drawbacks

Funimate is a great tool for making changes to videos. But there are still some things that users want to change about it. First, this app shouldn’t limit how long images can be shown in videos. Because the length of time the photos are shown depends on how long the music is. Users of Funimate will hopefully be able to change the way images look in videos in the future.

The Transition effects store is another thing that this app does not do well. The store of funimate transition effects is not very varied right now. So, people who use these effects over and over again will get tired of them. A lot of Google Play users have given this a rating. Maybe the programmer will add some more new transitions.

Funimate in MOD APK form

Funimate Pro Package

Everything in the app can be used with Funimate Pro. It comes with all professional video effects, all professional touch magic effects, and the ability to get rid of watermarks and ads. You also get a badge that you can put on your profile picture to show your friends that you use Funimate seriously. At the moment, the publisher offers three ways to subscribe:

. Weekly: $2.99 with a free trial for the first week

. Each month is $6.99, and the first week is free.

. Annual: $47.99 for a year of use. If you really like the app, this is a very good deal.

Your subscription will automatically renew, and your account will be charged for renewal about 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renew at any time, but you won’t get a refund for the time you haven’t used. If you buy a subscription during a free trial period, any time left on the trial that you didn’t use will be lost.

Note: The prices above are for users in the US. Prices can be changed to local currency and may be different depending on where you live. Also, you can only use the 7-day free trial once per account.

Funimate Mod APK

Is it worth it to use Funimate Pro?

If you want to experience the best editing features, then Funimate Pro is worth the money. It also gives you all of the most powerful features and a lot of effects that you can’t get anywhere else. Not only that, but you can also get rid of the whole ad. No more annoying ads will show up while using. There are so many good things about it, and the price isn’t too high, but we don’t want to use it.

At REDMOD.CO, you can get the Funimate MOD APK app.

MOD feature unlocked for Pro: There are fees to use some parts of Funimate Pro. But with Funimate Pro APK, we are now able to use all of these features. You don’t have to pay anything to use Funimate Pro’s premium features.

Note that the Funimate Pro APK app only works with Arm-v7 and Arm-v8 CPUs. It can also be put on some devices with CPUs other than those listed. But there is still a chance that the device won’t work with the software. Because of this, some phone users can’t use this app on their phones.


How do I get rid of my Funimate Pro subscription?

You can leave the list at any time. First, open Google Play and click on the Menu icon. Then, click on Subscriptions. Then, select the Funimate Pro subscription and click “cancel.” Please keep in mind that deleting the app won’t end your subscription.

When I have more than one Funimate account on the same phone, what happens?

If you bought a Funimate PRO subscription with a Funimate account, all of the PRO effects can be used by all accounts on the same device. You can also move your PRO badge to another account by going to Settings > Funimate PRO.

How do I remove Funimate Logo on photos, videos?

The Remove Watermark button will show up when you are saving photos and videos to your device. All you have to do is turn it off, and the Funimate Logo will not show up again.

I bought Funimate Pro. Will future updates be free?

Funimate Pro users can use all of the app’s features. So, if new features or effects are added in future updates, you won’t have to buy them. Instead, you can use them for free.

Why doesn’t my phone work with the new version, but it still works with the old version?

Maybe your phone doesn’t work well with other devices. Or the CPU does not allow that application to be installed.

Comments from people

Here are reviews from Google Play users. You can find out what they thought of this app by asking them. Then, you can choose to use Funimate.

“Nice editing of the photo. This application works great for me. We’re glad you made this app. Thanks to this app, I can make beautiful pictures and very beautiful and cute videos.

“I really like how the app works. There are a lot of people who can’t log in or use it. This could be because they have the wrong login (their name could be wrong), are using it wrong, or are using the wrong machine.

“Really, the app is great for editing. But in general, Android doesn’t know what to do when even a few seconds can be cut and the screen can’t be zoomed in like it can on iOS. Some androids even scratch when they decide which option to pick. If possible. It’s fine to stop using Pro. I hope the publisher will make the same version for Android as they did for iOS.

“Very good application, and there are also a lot of nice effects. But lately, I leave the video every time I save it. I’m lucky that I can still save the edit, but I can’t save it. this matter.”

A few other options

Funimate is thought to be one of the best video editing programs out there right now. There are better apps, of course. But we can’t say which app is better because we can’t compare them. Because each app has its own unique features and can be used by a wide range of people. If you want to find some good alternatives to Funimate, here are a few.


This is a professional app made just for Oppo devices that lets you edit videos. It comes pre-installed on all new Oppo phones from China. But if you have Soloop APK, you can use this app for free on any Android phone company.

Adobe Premiere Rush

People who like to edit videos might not find this name too strange. Adobe made it, and it is the best tool for editing videos in the world. As you may already know, Adobe is the biggest company making software right now. Adobe Premiere Rush is very expensive to use for a program that is so good. But the Adobe Premiere Rush MOD APK version of REDMOD lets you use it for free.


CapCut is probably the most used program for editing videos right now. This app is very easy to use, but it has a lot of features. You need this great app if you use TikTok or YouTube. You can download the CapCut MOD APK version right now and try it out.

Funimate Mod APK

Download Funimate MOD APK for Android

With Funimate Pro, you and your friends can make amazing short videos. You should trust and use this app for sure. Funimate Pro has a lot of features that will help you make the best videos to show off to your friends on Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, etc. Please use the link below to get Funimate MOD APK and try it out right now.

You can also talk about KineMaster, PowerDirector, VivaCut, CapCut, Soloop, and a few others.

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