Granny 3 MOD APK v1.1.2 (MOD Menu, Dumb Bot) free for android

Granny 3 MOD APK Introduction

We’ve played the very first game in the series, Granny Mod Apk and we’ve seen how thrilling and suspenseful within the darkest homes we’ve been through. This is the latest installment of the series, offering unrivaled adventure with brand new elements to the terror. The brand new characters in the game, the most recent view of the home, and the latest objects and tools that users can use to their advantage.

The game is full of excitement and frightening elements have been added with the latest version that players will have more challenges in the process. The game comes with all the necessary features and ways to let players take control of the outcome in the course of their charter, by deciding the outcome themselves. The character in the roleplaying game has similar capabilities and gameplay that be able to perform using the fundamental thrill and advanced suspense.

Granny 3 Mod Apk is the next chapter of the game and it gives you greater horror along with more frightening elements. You have just one week to protect yourself and get away from the horrible monsters living at home and now they’re more. Granny is already there due to her blindness and epic hearing abilities, and grandfather is top at shooting targets simply by noticing that it is moving.

The main focus is on the granddaughter Slendrina. Slendrina is extremely strong and epic because she will make your bones freeze, you must be careful not to look at her because her gaze can be enough to cause death to anyone. If you happen to see any of them, try to conceal yourself in areas in your home that you cannot be easily found, such as under the bed couch, a cabinet, or an almirah.

Granny 3 Mod Apk

Granny 3: Mod Apk is the third version of the well-known video game Granny and has more challenging elements added to the gameplay, so players can benefit from the many improvements. Download the updated version of the app by clicking the link below as it comes with a variety of cheats and hacks that are included in the original game, making it easier for players. This mod version includes all tools and equipment that are used in the game are free to unlock and can be upgraded.

In the premium God mode in which you’re immortal and will never be able to be killed in any way, the horror factor is not enough as all powers are available to users. The gameplay with this version blocks advertising and thus it is completely unaffected. Enjoy the game which does not require rooting to install it, which means it has anti-ban and antiviral benefits within the game.


Granny 3 Mod Apk comes with amazing features and exciting features to enjoy the game with maximum passion and skill. The fear can stop our arteries from freezing however it’s not enough to regulate the blood flow, so we’re here to look at additional features of the game.

Horror elements that include Granny’s hearing and blindness same as the usual

The gameplay of Granny 3 Mod Apk is the same as it was in the conventional method, but there’s an additional element to the incomparable nature of the game, where you are able to experience the reality of dying at any time. All the tools and elements are readily available, which makes it challenging for your player character to live within the home. All you have to do is protect yourself from Granny and other elements for five days and you’re finished. If you fail then death can happen at any time therefore be aware and concentrate on the signal versus the noise in order to take the appropriate actions earlier than you can for more effective gaming.

The shooting passion of Grandfather and frightening habits

Granny 3 mod Apk isn’t just restricted to the frightening and scary feeling of Granny As in this picture we can see the grandfather who is insane enough to enjoy his passion for shooting. He takes shots every time and with anything moving. He’s not very good at hearing However, grandpa has incredible shooting abilities and every shot could be yours. Beware of grandpa too because nobody can be a trusted person to be a friend to you. All you need to do is save yourself from the power of evil in all cases. Don’t count on assistance from anyone since they’ll try to fool you and entice you to their plans.

Slendrina’s entry- the extremely strong evil force

Granny 3 Mod Apk isn’t only limited to basic thrills or horrors since the game’s gameplay will be the following episode, therefore you need to be cautious in identifying the source of the game in order to avoid combining all the experiences that can be utilized. Slendrina is a brand-new character that is a mid-time appearance to make you fear more. There is no limit and no limit to what you can do, therefore be vigilant because they could appear in any location, Slendrina has powerful gazing skills and could be deadly to anyone who is around them, therefore avoid them in all cases. Slendrina is one of the strongest of them all, and therefore you should try to pass your time till she departs instead of fighting against her, as it will be futile.

Find a place for 5 days to stay in a home

The users must save themselves for just five days in the house in order to be free if they don’t pass away until time. The sheer number of elements and threats you’ll have to deal with makes it even more difficult to stay in their home. Three characters will make you feel scared and even take your life whenever they come across or come across you. The task is difficult. You must get right when it comes to finding the right place to hide your belongings such as the kitchen, toilet tiles, bathroom bed, almirah underneath the bed, and much more.


Get Granny 3 Mod Apk to experience the thrilling world of thrill and terror, making living in a house extremely difficult. Players will be confronted by three villains in the game and each is insane enough to murder you. They aren’t interested in anyone entering the house, and you are bound to be killed if you don’t stay alive for 5 days.

There are many scary elements and locations within the home that can cause further problems for the users. In this mode, everything is available for free, which means you can have fun without any issues, and being immortal will give you enough courage to handle any circumstance.

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