Granny MOD APK v1.7.9 (MOD Menu, God Mode) free for android

Granny MOD APK Introduction

Horror isn’t a novel phenomenon to people, as everyone has experienced many aspects and activities. Which is related to the word. The majority of people experience horror at night, however.  that’s not the kind of horror we’re talking about here but rather the actual terror or fear that crushes your body.

App Name Granny
 Latest Version v1.7.9
 Last Updated Last Night
 Publisher DVloper.
 Requirements Android 4.4
 Category Arcade
 Size 97 MB
 Google Playstore Playstore


The one that squeezes your blood and can make you crazy in a matter of seconds and, yes, the possibility that a ghost is close to you and, if it’s an actual woman, can you imagine? Granny Mod Apk is a game within the genre of horror that provides players with the kind of gameplay they want. Many people are enthralled by terrifying stories and are eager to get every day more of the horror.

Granny MOD APK

Granny mod apk has the same features that are present in the original game, but it’s not just intended for the casual gamer since its elements are huge and scarier than on any game. In this game, you play the role of a man locked in a room with an old lady named grandmother. You read the picture. Granny is the one that you should be afraid of, as she is seeking to kill anyone who crosses her path.

Granny MOD APK

The most important thing to be aware of is Granny may be an elderly lady but she has supernatural powers. The other thing to be aware of is that she can’t see because she is blind but is extremely hearing and is able to hear an earful inside the house. You’ve got five days to get out of the house and protect yourself from the grotesque old lady. You can get a place to hide in closets, beds and kitchens, bathrooms, and more.

Granny mod apkGranny MOD APK

Granny mod Apk is an alternative version of the game that offers players hacks and unfair advantages to the game. You can download it here and play a game of absolute terror and terror using the game’s game system. In this version, players will be able to access God mode free of charge and no one can harm you since you’ll be immortal and can live for 5 days in the home of your grandmother. You can purchase free items from the game store to shield yourself from terror and attacks.

Unlock all types of tools

Unlocked all types of tools as well as premium versions of the game for players to play with more features. This mod does not offer any benefits to ads. mod and all advertisements are blocked and eliminated from the game. The players will appreciate the non-delay gameplay, as well as all bugs, that are being addressed in the latest version. When installing it you don’t need rooting as it comes with security features of anti-ban as well as antiviral to provide an insecure and safe version.

Granny MOD APK Features

Granny mod apk provides users with unique features and tools to experience the game’s terrifying world. You’ll be able to protect yourself for five hours from Granny and also win the game or go to the more advanced levels of game modes. We will be discussing the top features and features available to gamers, so you will appreciate the service we provide in this article.

Get the most out of terror as you’ve never experienced before

The gameplay of the Granny mod app is difficult for those who are weak in the core. It will provide the most authentically-designed features of horror and excitement within different game types. At night, in the darkest hours of the night, terrifying sounds are coming and the background noise is a source of chilling fear in the atmosphere. All of these elements in the game make sure that sufficient terror is created within the atmosphere of the game. Horror and noise offer gamers the darkest moments they’ll face therefore be careful in the game.

Granny’s abilities and the supernatural ability to eliminate

Granny mod apk gives players the opportunity to play the role of Granny.  The game is in which they are locked in a room with Granny with no story details. After waking up you’ll be trying to cover yourself up in the shadows because Granny appears to be a ghost and she’s determined to murder everyone close to her. In a home that is full of terror and fears it’s difficult to be able to live easily.

She is blind and can’t see. You are able to make the most of this handicap in her. However, she has superhuman hearing abilities and can detect the sound of a pin dropping in the home. Be sure to take your steps with care and cover yourself in places to shield yourself.

Escape the room and live in the space for five days

Users should protect themselves from Granny for five days. After that, you’re finished. There’s nothing difficult in this mod. Everything you need is available in this manner. You need to secure yourself for five days from Granny and put an end to the chase. If you survive for five days and do not fall victim to the chase you are able to protect yourself since your survival is assured by the rules that stipulate that Granny will not attack you again.

Places to hide, remain at peace and confront the situation.

It is not necessary to be scared to play the game, since it’s just gameplay, and you are able to control everything that happens by a positive response. Keep your cool in all circumstances of the game. You can take tough decisions in spite of anxiety to defend yourself and get out. It is possible to hide in places such as beds, wardrobes, under toilets, under beds kitchens, etc. areas that shield you from Granny trying to capture you and take you down.


Get the Granny mod apk and get in the most enthralling horror game that will freeze your spines like the chilling terror and suspense. It’s easy to discover the elements of intense terror when Granny is determined to take you down in the home. You’ll only be able to stay alive by putting yourself on a blanket for five days.
In the mod edition, we’ve made available God mode so that you can experience the thrill and fear without fear of being killed at any time. You’ll live forever playing the game with all the top tools.


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