Kuji Cam v2.22.0 Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

Change the style of your photos with Kuji Cam app. With just a few taps, you can make your photos more professional. Simple to use, friendly interface, this is the perfect app for you even if you’ve never edited photos before. Below is the Kuji Cam MOD APK version, you can consider using.

Latest Version: 2.22.0
MOD Info: Premium Unlocked
Requires: Android
Size: 40MB
Publisher: GinnyPix
Price: FREE
Genre: Video – Photo
Package: Google Play Link

Tell people about Kuji Cam.

Kuji Cam’s strength is that it can make ordinary photos into something special. This is an app for editing photos that focuses on weird and unusual styles to make photos stand out. It also has pretty powerful editing tools, of course. You only need a few taps to make photos that look good. If you upgrade to the Premium package, you’ll be able to use all of Kuji Cam’s best features and have the best time.

Kuji Cam Mod APK

Chụp ảnh bằng Kuji Cam

Use color film to take pictures.

When you look through social networks, you see pictures with very interesting film frames. You really like them but have no idea how to make them. With Kuji Cam, this is now easy to do. This app makes it easy for you to take fake film photos right on the main screen of the app. After that, you can choose the color of the filter, set the date and time, the time of the photo, the flash mode, and so on.

There are many color filters

You can choose from more than 180 different fake film color filters with this app. You can pick any filter that fits your taste. You can even use more than one filter at once to make a new style. You can save these combinations in the section called “Formula.” From there, all you have to do to make the perfect photo is add images and choose from recipes that have already been made. Kuji Cam also gives you a set of light trails, dust layers, photo frames, and other things that make your photos look like they came from a real movie.

Effects of note

You can change the filter and add effects to make the picture look even better. You can choose your own style from a number of beautiful 3D effects, film dust effects, and glitter effects. If you like classic style, Kuji Cam will be a great fit for you. You can change the photo to black and white to make it look more classic and mysterious.

Different tools for editing

Since Kuji Cam is a photo capture and editing app, it makes sense that it has professional photo editing tools. It’s easy to change things like brightness, contrast, color temperature, and so on. With this application, you don’t need any other tools to do anything.

Kuji Cam Mod APK

Vô số hiệu ứng, hình nền đẹp có sẵn

. Features of Kuji Cam that make it stand out

. 180 filters

. There are a lot of light and dust leaks, particle effects, etc.

. Beautiful photo frames

. Use the Random Light Leak Filter right on the camera.

. Edit photos ahead of time

. Kuji, Black & White, KD Pro, and Vintage

. Use a filter for random light leaks

. Instant preview

. Date stamp, Film Dust, 3D Effects, Portrait and Landscape

. Timer, Bring in pictures from your gallery

. There’s no need to sign up.

Save and send pictures

After you’re done editing a photo, the app lets you export it in the best quality and resolution. Also, Kuji Cam works with all popular image formats like JPG, PNG,… The final picture will be just as clear as when you were editing it. You can quickly share with family and friends on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and other social networking sites right from the app. Everyone will see and comment on your work. People will always say nice things about how unique the picture is.

How Kuji Cam Works

People use Kuji Cam because it is easy to use and has a friendly vibe. Even though it has a lot of features, it is easy for new users to learn how to use. Also, this app lets users change how the feature is shown. You can put the most-used features at the top of the toolbar. You can use it quickly without having to look for it like before.

Kuji Cam Mod APK

Giao diện chỉnh sửa ảnh của Kuji Cam

Premium version

There will be a lot of powerful new features added to this Premium version. Some filters won’t work in the free version, but if you upgrade to the Premium plan, you’ll be able to use them. You can also make your own formulas and filters that you can use on photos. Ads will also be taken away so they don’t get in the way of your editing.

MOD version of Kuji Cam for Android

. MOD feature

. Premium Was Freed

You will have to pay the publisher fee if you want to move up to the Premium version. We also think that the price is too high for many people. But in this article, you’ll get to try it out for free. With the Kuji Cam MOD APK version, we have unlocked all of the Premium’s most advanced features. Just get the APK file below and install it, and you already have the most powerful editing tools.

User manual

You can use the Kuji Cam to take a picture, then edit it or get it from your gallery. You won’t need to make a login account to use Kuji Cam. Just get the app, open it, and start making changes.

Comments from people

The comments section on Google Play has a lot of reviews. Here is a list of them for you to look at. These are the most honest reviews, which help you see the good and bad things about this app.

“I love the app! It has everything that a film camera needs. Also, dust has a lot of nice filters, which makes it better than some similar apps. To get these, you have to watch ads, but it’s nothing. It’s worth the work that went into making it.”

“The color app looks great! Using this app is a good idea, especially for people who like color in movies. I don’t think the premium price is too high, and it gives you more than 100 filters and other options on top of that. I think that this filter will make photos that are more unique and creative.

“App has nice colors but when I check the date, the photo will come out in the correct direction. I didn’t check the date, so the picture is upside down by 90°. Before, there was a 90° flip mark, so I chose that before taking a picture. Now, the picture is always right. Now, that line is gone from the new version. I just hope that this mistake can be fixed by the publisher.”

“Pretty good. I didn’t buy the premium package, but I’m happy with the four filters I can choose from. This app is easier to use because it can clean the pictures in the library. I also think that the price of the premium package is fair for what I think it brings. Anyone who likes to take photos and edit them should sign up.”

Get Android Kuji Cam MOD APK here

Kuji Cam is the best tool for editing photos. With its powerful features, Kuji Cam can easily win over even the most picky users. It has a very friendly, smart, and easy-to-use interface. It’s easy to do even if you’ve never used an editing program before. Don’t be afraid to download it now from the link below and try it out with us!

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