Motion Ninja v3.8.2 Mod APK (Pro Unlocked)

Make all your moments more sparkling and vivid with Motion Ninja. This is a professional photo editing application with a very powerful set of tools. You can easily create amazing Hollywood-style movies. Capture your life moments and turn them into creative videos!

Latest Version: 3.8.2
MOD Info: Pro Unlocked
Requires: Android
Size: 24MB
Publisher: changpeng
Price: FREE
Genre: Video – Photo
Package: Google Play Link

Explain what Motion Ninja is.

If you love editing videos, Motion Ninja is your best bet. This is the app that Changpeng put out. It has a lot of powerful tools that are just as good as the professional programs on a PC. This app will quickly win you over with its simple interface, optimized features, and ease of use. You can use this app whether you are a pro or a beginner.

Motion Ninja Mod APK

What makes something unique?

Tools for making changes

This app has the most tools for editing than any other. Some of these are trim, copy, split, reverse, and others. It also has a video splitter that makes splitting, filtering, and editing videos easier. You can undo and redo what you did wrong, so you don’t have to worry about having to fix it all over again.

Make more videos.

Use this app to start a new project. With the help of Motion Ninja, you can take every small step to improve your product. Videos can be added or merged with ease. You can tell your story easily with a variety of fonts and emojis. Once you’re done, you can share it anywhere with just one touch. You can also get better at making videos with the help of your friends or an online community.

Music video editing

Do you want to make music videos so you can get more social media fans and followers? Motion Ninja also gives you powerful tools for aligning and editing your music. It’s easy to add your favorite music or a vlog to the main video. You can also take the audio out of any video. With just one click, you can mute your video. In the app’s features section, you can also record your voice.

Changes and filters

With Motion Ninja’s professional filters, you can improve the picture quality of your videos. You might get frustrated when your phone’s recording is blurry and the quality of the image is low. This app has color filters, smoothing for the skin, anti-aliasing, and more. Your videos will look as good as any other editor’s.

Combine eye-catching visual effects to make your videos unique. This app gave you a library of effects that no one else has. They are made by the best graphic designers in the world. Feel free to pick one or more effects from the list and add them to your video. You can also use more than one effect at the same time to make a new formula that is both unique and fancy.

Video speed control

Motion Ninja makes it easy to change the exact speed of videos and music. Video speed is also an important part of making many scenes stand out. Make slow motion and fast motion playback to create stunning cinematic effects. You can set the application to play at many different speeds. So that you can change it to fit any scene. Not too fast and not too slow. You still have the final say.

Motion Ninja Mod APK

Sample pre-order

There are a lot of templates for music videos and effects for you to choose from. Popular tiktok transition effects and fast-paced anime video editing can be made again. Some cool templates for effects are 3D Cube, Kirakira, Cartoon Filter, and others. Even if you are new to video editing, you can easily make hard changes.

All for nothing

Motion Ninja’s free features are more than enough to let you make very high-quality videos. This is the reason why this app is more popular than other ones in the same category. It comes with a lot more free features and is very simple to use. But those who want a better experience can still buy an upgrade pack.

Keep and pass on

Save Motion Ninja lets you save videos in HD quality with a clear picture. 720p, 1080p, and 4K are all video output resolutions and frame rates that can be changed. The more quality something has, the more memory it will take up. But there is nothing wrong with the quality of the food.


You can share your products on a lot of well-known social networking sites with just one click. Send it to your friends and family so that they can all enjoy your great product. They will give you very important advice that will help you make your next projects better. You can put them on YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more.



This app impresses us because it is easy to use and smart. All the details are arranged nicely below the picture. This will help you a lot when you are editing. They are also sorted in a clear way so that users can find the feature they need quickly. All of Motion Ninja’s designs are made with the user’s comfort in mind.

Motion Ninja Pro

This is the app’s updated version. Even though the free version is good enough, you can upgrade to Pro to make it even better. This version helps you get rid of ads and unlock all the limited features that are still locked. Most users find this annoying because it gets in the way of them being creative. In addition, you get more 3D effects, templates, and quick video output. Along with that, you’ll get a lot of new, more advanced editing tools.

The price of a subscription to the Pro version is not too high. Right now, you have three options: $ 4.16 per month, $ 8.8 per year, or $ 14.91 for a lifetime subscription. The price of an account will also be different in different parts of the world. Your country might also be more or less expensive. If you really like Motion Ninja, you can buy this Pro version for about $15 and keep it for good. It will help you a lot when it comes to editing videos. You can also try it out for free for 7 days before you decide to subscribe.

Pro Unlocked is a feature of the MOD APK version of Motion Ninja. In this version, we have permanently unlocked the Pro subscription. You can open the app for free and try it out.

Motion Ninja Mod APK

Comments from people

You can look at the review of the app that came before this one to get a general idea of what’s good and bad about it. Here are some reviews from Google Play users:

“Awesome app! The best app I’ve ever used, thanks to Development”

“This is a very useful and good app for editing. But one big problem is that the app often seems to be frozen, even when it goes out and comes back (being thrown more than a few times). I’d like the administrator to fix this, please.

“It’s pretty good, but it doesn’t do much. I hope the publisher will add more effects to the video to make it more interesting.”

“This app works great, has a lot of stickers, and can edit videos well. Hope that the maker will make more effects”

“Awesome! The video made with 1080p60fps is good, and it has a lot of cool effects. But the font, which only has a few styles, is still very good.

“I think there are some things that need to be fixed. I use it at first, and it works well, but then it keeps going out. I hope the producer comes up with more about this app.

“Great! I can put together a bunch of short videos into one long one. I can also add icons and type text on the clip…”

“I think we should add new features, such as the ability to combine videos on the machine with our own.”

Motion Ninja MOD APK for Android can be downloaded here

Motion Ninja is our favorite app for making changes to videos. It has a tool that is as powerful as any professional editor on PC. Also, it is very easy to use and comes with clear instructions and a simple, user-friendly interface. When Motion Ninja comes out, you won’t have to walk around as “amateur video editors.” Motion Ninja is enough on its own, without any other help.

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