MyHeritage v5.8.8 Mod APK (Premium/ Plus Unlocked)

Bring the sky of your memories back with the MyHeritage app. It will help you restore all old, blurry photos to become clearer. Besides, it also works as a photo editing and video creation application. Download our MOD APK version so you can access the Premium features of this app for free.

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Latest Version: 5.8.8
MOD Info: Premium/ Plus Unlocked
Requires: Android
Size: 59MB
Price: FREE
Genre: Video – Photo
Package: Google Play Link

Tell about the website MyHeritage.

The same company that makes MyHeritage also makes it. Both Android and IOS can run it, but we only recommend the Android version. This is a program that can fix old photos, even if the person’s face can’t be seen. MyHeritage’s smart AI technology makes it easy to carefully look at a photo of a face and reconstruct it. Please read our article below to find out what it has and how it works.

MyHeritage Mod APK

Bringing back old photos

Old photos are always powerful reminders of an important time in our lives. No matter how well you store and protect it, the photo will fade over time, and you may not even be able to see it. So, the MyHeritage app is like a savior because it helps people find their family history. In other words, it is a god of time who can help you remember the past.

You can upload the photo you want to fix to this app. AI technology will analyze it quickly and right away. When everything is done, MyHeritage will start the process of improving images and making color copies. If it’s a black-and-white photo, the copy will be much clearer and sharper than the original. From analysis to recovery, the whole process doesn’t take long, which is also one of the best things about this app.

Make a short video about history.

Deep Nostalgia is a feature that can only be found on MyHeritage. With this feature, you can change how people look in pictures. Then you can see that the subject in the picture is moving because it is moving. In other words, you are making a short video with just one photo. When you see the memories come to life in front of your eyes, the realistic expressions will make you feel a deep sense of longing.

Make a “family tree.”

The family tree on MyHeritage is a pretty cool way to find random relatives. Even though it seems hard to believe, it’s a fact. First, everyone must work together to make a big family tree. At the moment, people all over the world have planted 81 million trees with this app. Along with that, the publisher has put together a data warehouse with 13.3 billion old records. Enter a few names to start your family diagram, and MyHeritage will do the rest.

Use pictures to make a family tree.

Record and share your old and new family memories. You can scan photos right from the app and use AI tools to turn your family history into an animated video. With MyHeritage In ColorTM, you can add color to your black-and-white photos or bring color back to photos that have lost it. MyHeritage Photo Enhancer can also bring into focus faces that are out of focus. With Photo StorytellerTM, you can record the stories behind your family photos and keep them around for generations to come.

MyHeritage Mod APK

Find out about your family history right away

Try this feature, and you might be able to find someone anywhere in the world. MyHeritage will help you do this because it has a huge database. Your family tree will be compared to other trees. From there, it will find the trees that are most like each other and mark them as “match.” MyHeritage uses the following types of analysis tools:

Smart MatchesTM lets you connect family trees that share something automatically.

Matching record: From a lot of data, it’s easy to find out about someone. To identify the object, you need to enter things like the name, age, gender, address, etc. The results you get will be more accurate the more information you give.

Check out the DNA tool on MyHeritage.

DNA is a genetic code that is unique to each bloodline. You need to add the DNA Toolkit to the app in order to test. The system will compare your record to many others and tell you what it finds. It also finds relatives for you in a database of 4.8 million people’s DNA that you never knew existed. On the app, you can look at your DNA results. Everything is private and safe. They won’t be given to anyone else without your permission.

Interface for applications

MyHeritage is easy to use because it has a simple but smart interface. The main screen tells you about the features and how to use them. The photo restoration part is what makes it easy. Just add photos from your phone, hit “start,” and the system will do the rest. Even if you don’t know anything about the features of this app, MyHeritage’s smart interface will help you learn about it quickly.

MyHeritage Mod APK

MyHeritage Premium version

The Google Play store is where you can get MyHeritage for free. This app also lets you use it for free, but not all of them do. You’ll only be able to use a small number of features unless you upgrade to Premium. You can also upgrade to Premium Plus, Data, or Complete, which are three other packages. Especially, the Complete package is the best when it includes all three of the other packages. To be more specific, you will have:

. Open the door to Instant Find

. All 13.3 billion historical records can be looked at.

. Unlock more advanced features of DNA

. Make a family tree with as many people as you want.

. Customer service comes first

. Moreover…

When you upgrade the version, it’s clear that you get too many benefits. It’s also not too expensive, and you can find out how much it costs in the registration section of the app.

How safe is this app?

Many people worry about putting personal information on this app because they don’t want it to be used for bad things. Anyone who is about to use this app can see this right away. But you don’t have to worry about it. Any personal information you post will only be saved on the app. Also, the publisher doesn’t put it on their servers. Also, this information won’t be given to anyone else without your permission. This has been used by a huge number of people who are very happy with it. We have also used this application, so we know it works perfectly.

Premium/Plus Unlocked is a feature of the MOD APK version of MyHeritage. We’ve already unlocked this upgrade, so all you have to do is download the APK file and use it.

Comments from people

If you’re not sure whether to use this app or not, read reviews written by people who have already done so. Those are the best assessments of the application’s pros and cons. Here are some Google Play user reviews:

“Great app! It helped me find some of my family members. If the DNA option works, I just think it will help more Israelis find their families.

“The developer deserves 5 stars for making such a great app. I’ve learned some really important things. I hope that more people will talk about this app so that it becomes more well-known.

“A great app for anyone who wants to learn about their family history. Whether it’s used to store data or as a high-tech research tool. The new version lets you do research, which up until now you could only do on the website. The site looks brand new and is easy to use. This is a great app for both serious family history researchers and regular people who want to learn more about their ancestors.

“I really like that I can add information from matches to my tree. Because of this and the fact that I can find out things right away, I can do things that used to take me hours in just minutes. Goodjob !”

“Wonderful new app! You can now edit trees right from the app. It’s great!”

“I really think you should use the MyHeritage app!! It’s great that you can make changes to your family tree online and share photos. It’s great!”

“The software and system are great. A great add-on to the MyHeritage system has shown me some connections I didn’t know about.

Download MyHeritage MOD APK for Android.

If you want to make a family tree, MyHeritage is a great app to use. It’s fun to do, whether you want to store things or not. The application is also very safe because many experts have tested it and know they can trust it. MyHeritage gives users a perfect tool that has never been seen before. It can analyze and compare quickly and accurately. Are you ready to try out this incredible app? To start, just click on the link below.

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