O Launcher v11.1 Mod APK (Prime Unlocked)

O Launcher MOD APK is an application that helps to change the operating system interface on Android devices. Tired of the default interface? O Launcher will help you get rid of that completely.

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Latest Version: 11.1
MOD Info: Prime Unlocked
Requires: Android 4.4+
Size: 15MB
Publisher: O Launcher Group
Price: FREE
Genre: Personalization
Package: Google Play Link

Let’s talk about O Launcher (Version 2022)

With the O Launcher app, you can change the way your phone looks and get rid of boredom. O Launcher has a lot of useful features and works well with a lot of devices. Only Android versions 4.4 and higher can install and use the app.

O Launcher Mod APK

Give the phone’s screen more color.

With more than 2,000 skins in a wide range of colors and designs, users have a lot of options. It’s not a bad idea to use one interface per day. It takes almost 5 and a half years to use all of the interfaces in the huge library. It’s easy to find a theme you like in the huge theme store. Now you can show what makes you who you are.

The app doesn’t just stop at the interface; it also has a large library of colorful background images. You can easily find beautiful background photos if you just connect to the network. With full HD resolution, the phone’s background photo will look its best.

The applications will be changed to look like icons. No longer are all applications contained in a single framework. Users can pick the shape of an icon that they like. Each shape has a unique trait that makes it easy to tell them apart.

Customize based on what the user wants

When installed on the device, there are some apps that we don’t want other people to know about. O Launcher has a feature that makes it easy to hide apps because it knows this. With a few simple settings, the app can be completely hidden while still being on the device. Users only have to scan two fingers on the screen to see the app that was hidden.

The image and application name can be changed in O Launcher. Now, the app will show up under your favorite picture. It’s funny that the names of your friends in real life are the names of the apps you use most.

O Launcher makes it easy to change how far apart apps are. When two applications are too close to each other on some models, it can be hard to keep track of them. People with big fingers are more likely to press other apps by accident, which is annoying and takes time. You can quickly make the space between apps bigger or smaller with this app. You no longer have to worry about apps that bother you.

O Launcher Mod APK

Extra window next to the screen for features

The extra window will help you run your business better. Now, you can clean up trash and turn on a mode that saves battery power all from the secondary window. The application makes it easy to get to your favorite programs. Users can always get to the secondary window by pinning it there. This app can even delete apps right from the sub-window you have available.

Provide virtual home button

Not everyone can buy an iPhone, which is the only way to get a virtual home button. Now, you can fix that problem with O Launcher. Users of the app will have a virtual home button, just like on an iPhone. The virtual button of app can do the same things as the iPhone’s virtual home button. You can now enjoy the feeling of using iPhone with O Launcher.

Change how the screen works

Now, you can change how you talk to the screen. With your device, you can make very funny and relaxing sounds. With this app, anyone can make as many interactive effects as they want.

A special way to search

You can search right from the Launcher, so you don’t have to go to the browsers. The search results will be as fast and full of information as Google’s. Users can search for both apps and information by just clicking on the search bar.

Besides, O Launcher’s search bar provides users with many interfaces. You can choose the pixel interface, the default search, or the advanced search. With O Launcher, users will be able to look for information on their own.

O Launcher Mod APK

MOD APK version of O Launcher

. MOD feature
. Prime Unlocked

Download the latest version of O Launcher MOD APK for Android.

O Launcher will change the colors on your phone to make it more interesting. If the interface on your phone is too dull, O Launcher will give it a new breeze. Your Android phone will look better than it ever has. You can download it now to try out all of this app’s best features.

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