Pixly – Icon Pack APK v2.8.2 (Latest Version) Download

Pixly – Icon Pack APK is an application that provides infinite icons for Android devices. Users can freely change icons of different applications and device interfaces. With Pixly – Icon Pack, you will easily own a beautiful and personalized interface.

Latest Version: 2.8.2
MOD Info: APK Original
Requires: Android 4.1+
Size: 104MB
Publisher: Cris87
Price: FREE
Genre: Personalization
Package: Google Play Link

Explain what Pixly – Icon Pack is.

Do you think the icons that come with Android apps are too boring? Want to change the way your device looks and feels on your own? This is exactly what Pixly – Icon Pack will help you do.

The app has a store of different icons that can be changed at any time on the device. The interface can be changed with any icon pack that the user likes. You can now put your own mark on the device, making it less boring than it used to be.

Pixly – Icon Pack APK

Large store of icons for devices

You wouldn’t be wrong to call Pixly – Icon Pack a huge icon treasure. The app lets you choose from up to 6540 icons. Each icon has a really cool style and almost perfect detail.

Pixly – Icon Pack gives users 85 desktop models as well. You can change the wallpaper and icons on your device to suit your tastes. With a personalized interface, the user will have a much more enjoyable time.

The icon has a high resolution.

Not only are the icons on Pixly – Icon Pack varied, but they are also of high quality and resolution. In particular, 6549 icons have a resolution of 2K SuperHD+, and the wallpaper has a resolution of 2K HD. Because of this, it is impossible for the icon or background image to be blurry after rendering. Quality is guaranteed in every way. After customization, the interface is not only beautiful and suited to the user’s tastes, but it also feels rich, real, and smooth.

Render 3 icons at the same time and make new icons automatically.

Pixly – Icon Pack is very good at handling processing. Because of this, the app can draw up to three icons at the same time. The device interface can be changed by putting three icons together and rendering them. The process works very quickly and smoothly. This feature will help a lot for devices that have a lot of different apps.

Pixly – Icon Pack can also automatically make icons for programs that don’t come with their own. The app will use that app’s default icon as a starting point and draw a new icon in a different style. Of course, the style that the user has chosen must still be used for the new icon. So, no new icons will get lost among the ones that are already there.

So, in just a few seconds, you’ll have a brand-new, weird icon on your device. Because of this, the icon store on this app is always full and has no limits

Pixly – Icon Pack APK

Convenient smart calendar feature

Pixly – Icon Pack has more than just icons and wallpapers. It also has a smart calendar interface. This feature of the calendar comes from Google. But on Pixly, you can do everything yourself to decorate your calendar.

So, the application will give you the icons you need to make the calendar interface your own. The user can ask the app for a missing icon by sending a request. Then your request will be dealt with as soon as possible.

This is an app that does everything. You won’t need any other calendar apps once you’ve downloaded Pixly. But the app isn’t too big, and it works pretty smoothly and steadily.

Nice design, easy to use

The Pixly – Icon Pack interface is beautiful, simple, and easy to use. Users can just download it and start using it without having to watch complicated instructions.

As an app for making interfaces look nicer, Pixly has to have an interface that stands out. The interface of the app is made to be colorful and give the user the best experience possible. This is a must-have app for people who like things to look nice.

able to work with different launchers

Apps for Android devices must always work well with a wide range of launchers. Pixly – Icon Pack can meet all of those needs. The app works well with Nova, Action Launcher, Lucid, Poco,… So, users will not usually feel jerky when they use.

Pixly – Icon Pack APK

APK version of Pixly – Icon Pack

. Features
. Paid
. Patched

Download Pixly – Icon Pack MOD APK latest version for Android

Pixly – Icon Pack is a must-have app for people who like to decorate their mobile devices. The app won’t let you down because it has a huge library of icons and lets you make your own. Also, on Pixly, all tasks stop at the interface and don’t mess with the software. Users don’t have to worry about security when they use it.

Users can download Pixly – Icon Pack APK right now from anywhere. But it is very important to choose the right source and a safe place to download from. You can download the application right here for the most ease and safety. Don’t be afraid to try out this incredibly interesting app.

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