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Real Drum is known as a drumming simulation application on mobile devices. The app gives a real drumming feel with intuitive and vivid controls.

Latest Version: 10.15.2
MOD Info: Premium Unlocked
Requires: Android 6.0+
Size: 74MB
Publisher: Kolb Apps
Price: FREE
Genre: Music – Audio
Package: Google Play Link

Tell about the Real Drum

You like to play the drums a lot and are curious about the strange rattling sounds in popular songs. You’ve never actually gotten to play drums. Or you know how to play the drums but can’t afford to buy the whole set. Or sometimes go camping with friends and have a party. You want to have fun listening to the beats of a few drums, but you can’t bring a big orchestra.

These are the times when a drum simulator like Real Drum will come in handy. Real Drum lets you play real drums in any style you want. You can do anything you want with drumming. Real Drum is a free, fun, and easy-to-use app for mobile phones and tablets.

Real Drum MOD APK

Real Drum is a mobile app that simulates playing the drums. Just get the app and start it up. All you have to do is touch the screen where each type of drum in the rig is shown, and you can start playing. Your fingers become drumsticks very quickly.

Satisfy your passion with a unique experience

Many people love to play the drums, but not everyone is ready to buy a professional drum set for their home. Also, it might be annoying to your neighbors when you work out.

Instead, you can practice drumming at the right volume with Real Drum. Drum kits and accessories that are all the same look like the real thing on screen. They will help you enjoy and get better at playing the drums.

Suitable for all user levels

Real Drum is a good way to learn how to play the drums. Real Drum comes with video lessons on how to play the drums. The lessons range from easy to hard. You’ll figure out what they have in common quickly and be able to start drumming to the tunes. Then, raise the bar slowly as you get to the more difficult songs.

Make your own look.

In Real Drum, you can change the way your pads look to fit your style. You can make your own tunes by putting together images and sounds that you like. Also, new kits will be released every week so that you can try out different looks.

Real Drum MOD APK

Summary of the main points

Real Drum is a standard, professional, and full application. Real Drum has many impressive parameters and features that allow it to simulate modern drumming:

. You can change how the simulation looks and sounds by adding your own pictures and sounds.

. Kits that are updated every week. Drum lessons have different levels for both beginners and experts.

. The app can be used with more than one touch. When you touch any part of the screen, the sound will play there. You don’t have to worry about touching something and not hearing it.

. REAL DRUM has 33 loops and 60 video lessons to help you learn. You can also play along with 33 loops in different styles.

. Real Drum has 13 drum pads right now, and more will be added later.

. It sounds like it came from a studio.

. There are instructions for 60 different rhythms.

. Has a recorder built in. You can save the recording file as an MP3 on your device and quickly share it on social networks.

. Works with all phone and tablet screen sizes.

. It works with MIDI.

Real Drum is free for drummers to use. There are no ads at all in the app. Once you’ve downloaded it, all you have to do is play. Your job is to like how standard drum kits sound, so don’t worry.

Real Drum MOD APK

MOD APK version of Real Drum

. MOD features

. Premium Unlocked

Like the MOD versions of other apps, the Real Drum MOD version has a lot of great features. The regular version doesn’t have as many features as this one. For this version, you can use the Premium unlock feature to get the app for free.

. No ads.

. Come join the group.

. Remove unwanted services, recipients, requests, providers.

Get the latest version of Real Drum MOD APK for Android here.

Real Drum is the best app for practicing drumming whenever and wherever you want. You don’t have to worry about making noise that will bother your neighbors. You also don’t need to buy a professional drum set that takes up too much space. It sounds like a real drum and is easy to use and understand. If you download Real Drum, you can start playing drums in the most up-to-date way. Get Real Drum at REDMOD to try it out right away.

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