School Planner MOD APK 5.2.3 (Pro Unlocked)

School Planner MOD APK is an effective work planning and organizing application for students and teachers. The application ensures learning performance and completing tasks on time. In addition, the app is also equipped with smart and multi-useful features for users.

Latest Version: 5.2.3
MOD Info: Pro Unlocked
Requires: Android 5.0+
Size: 19MB
Publisher: Andrea Dal Cin
Price: FREE
Genre: Education
Package: Google Play Link

School Planner: An Introduction

School Planner lets you keep track of and keep on top of your daily tasks. The app is good for the educational setting because it connects the school and the parents. School Planner promises to give you new things to do with its easy-to-use and colorful interface.

School Planner MOD APK

School Planner makes it easy to handle tasks for meetings.

Many people have never found it easy to handle their work and time well. But now that School Planner is here, everything is a lot easier. The app has features that make it easy to organize and plan.

Here, students can schedule tests and turn in homework. The digital version of the app can also be used as a professional handbook. Users can write down notes and formulas that they want to remember.

The timetable is shown on the task board. Check the work every day to make sure you don’t forget anything. Also, you can give each task a different level of importance. Each level is given a different color to help you tell it apart. Different levels of reminders will be set up automatically for each task by the system.

Taking notes is more fun now.

School Planner gives you more advanced and professional ways to change your notes than any other app. You can add photos, videos, music, or recordings of your voice. Because of this, the app gives people a unique and fun experience when they use it.

You can also record the teacher’s class to watch it again later. Or write down the phone numbers of teachers or family members. Notes that are done can be sent out as text, PDF, or Word files.

School Planner MOD APK

Keeping track of scores with a smart calculator

With the smart calculator, all you have to do is put the score of each test into the system. The system will automatically figure out what the average score is and give you the right results. The application doesn’t set a limit on how many points can be managed on the system at once. So you can enter scores at any time for all subjects.

You should keep track of how your studies are going and how far you’ve come each term. That will help you figure out how much time to spend on each subject.

Parents can also use the results to figure out how their kids are doing in school. Parents can better guide their children, especially high school students, if they know what their strengths are. This will help the child choose a career path in the future.

It’s easy for your group to share plans.

There will be assignments that need to be done in groups from time to time. School Planner is a good way to get around this problem. The app makes it easy for users to share their work boards with others. Information gets passed around quickly, which speeds up the work.

Application synchronization across multiple user accounts has shown how much better it is. Because of this, the learning and working environment becomes much more professional and easy to use.

Dark Mode

A lot of young people like the night mode. School Planner added a day and night mode so that it could keep up with this trend. Also, dark mode helps protect the eyes when there isn’t much light. Reduce some of the bright blue light that shines directly into the eyes.

Also, the background theme lets you change the way it looks by giving you more than 20 different colors to choose from. You can change the way the interface looks to make it more motivating. Now, go to settings to pick the color you want.

Bar that moves around outside of the home screen

Users of the Android operating system can put a floating bar outside of the home screen. You don’t have to use the app over and over again. With just one touch, the task table will show up on the phone’s main screen. This part of the app makes it so powerful that you can’t miss it.

Save data quickly

Everyone who uses School Planner has the option to back up quickly. It’s easy to send files to Google Drive to back them up online. Or, you can send files to the outside that you think are best. This helps you keep important information safe and not lose it.

School Planner MOD APK

MOD APK version of School Planner

. MOD features
. Pro Unlocked

 Download the latest version of School Planner MOD APK for Android.

School Planner brings ease and professionalism to the classroom. The app is full of great features that make it easy to keep track of your school life. You can do well on your schoolwork and homework if you use School Planner. Use School Planner to plan your work for today!

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