Shazam v13.3.1 Mod APK (All Unlocked)

You happen to hear a certain song but can’t find its name? In just a few seconds, Shazam MOD APK will help you figure it out. Indeed, only seconds!

Latest Version: 13.3.1
MOD Info: All Unlocked
Requires: Android 6.0+
Size: 17MB
Publisher: Apple, Inc.
Price: FREE
Genre: Music – Audio
Package: Google Play Link

Shazam: An Introduction

Shazam MOD APK is the most widely used app to find songs right now. It stands out from other similar programs because it works quickly and correctly. Even though it’s been out for a while, more than a billion people have already downloaded it, and that number keeps going up. Many newspapers and reporters, as well as users, have said good things about this app. Shazam definitely helps you find all the songs in the world.

Shazam Mod APK

Shazam is a very popular app.

There have been thousands of 5-star reviews for this app. Shazam has gotten a lot of good reviews on both the Android and iOS platforms. They liked how quickly and accurately it could find songs. Even well-known newspapers or reporters have said that they love this app. said, “The Shazam app is like magic.”

“Shazam is a gift… a game changer,” Pharrell Williams told GQ in an interview.

Using simple

The “Listen” button is in the middle of the app’s screen. You only have to touch it for Shazam to listen to any song. The app will record and sort melodies or lyrics that are similar in the system. In just a few seconds, it will give you 100% accurate results. The results will include the song’s name, the performer’s name, and the path to the original song (Usually Youtube).

This app can find songs from many different places. The reason is that it mostly works because of the melody. Shazam has artificial intelligence that lets it quickly and accurately compare and filter results. You can search for literally any song in the world.

Shazam Mod APK

Pop-up Shazam

Most of the time, people who use Shazam find good songs on social media sites like Tiktok, Facebook, or Instagram. In that video, the writer doesn’t say the name of the song they want to hear. So, they don’t know how to find out what its name is. With the birth of Shazam, this problem is now completely solved. Just open Shazam and use the pop-up to let it run in the background. Then, play the video with that piece of music, and this app will listen right away and tell you what it heard.

The dark side

When you use Shazam at night, the dark theme is a good choice. It helps to soften the light and keep the user’s eyes from getting too tired. If you go to the settings menu, you can change the colors of the theme with just one tap. Your phone’s battery will also last longer if you choose a dark theme.

Shazam Offline

No internet connection? Don’t worry, Shazam can still work when you’re not online. You don’t need to be connected to the Internet to search for and find songs. But you won’t be able to use some other advanced features. Anyway, this app is mostly used by people to find out the name of a song, which it can do offline.

With Auto Shazam, you can find out what song is playing even after you leave the app. When this option is turned on, the app will go to sleep mode. When any song plays, the app will wake up and start working right away. This is a very useful feature that means you don’t have to turn the app on and off as often as you did before. In Auto Shazam mode, the app will still use some battery power, but not a lot.

Listen to music and make playlists.

Once a song is found, it can be played through many apps. Shazam is now linked to many popular apps, such as YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music. You can also make a playlist of your favorite songs on it. You can make a list of all the songs you’ve ever looked for and saved them. This is pretty cool, right?

Share songs

With just one tap, you can send the song you just found to your friends. You can share on Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Everyone will enjoy a good song at the same time, which will satisfy their love of music. Sharing songs usually shows how you’re feeling at the time. This is also an unusual way to share your status.

Shazam Mod APK

Shazam in MOD APK form

. MOD has these

. Access to Paid Features

. Get rid of country limits

Get the latest version of Shazam MOD APK for Android here.

Shazam MOD APK is now a friend that music lovers can’t live without. They can quickly name the name of their favorite song. This app is free to use, and there are no ads. Magically, the problem of finding random songs was solved. Download the app now to see how quickly it can find songs.

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