Simple Gallery Pro v6.25.4 Mod APK (Optimized/Lite)

Simple Gallery Pro MOD APK is a gallery utility that helps you to show, edit photos, allow recovering files if accidentally deleted. In addition, this application also has many other outstanding features.

Latest Version: 6.25.4
MOD Info: Optimized/Lite
Requires: Android 5.0+
Size: 21MB
Publisher: Simple Mobile Tools
Price: FREE
Genre: Video – Photo
Package: Google Play Link

Explain what Simple Gallery Pro is.

The company Simple Mobile Tools makes Simple Gallery Pro. This developer is too well known for making products that meet mobile users’ needs well. So you can be sure that Simple Gallery Pro will give you great results.

Simple Gallery Pro is a simple gallery that is very useful but only about 17MB in size. It is made for Android phones and tablets. Users can easily get the app from Google Play or from the MOD APK version that’s at the bottom of this article. The MOD version lets you use all of the app’s features to get the most out of it.

It’s hard to manage and optimize files on Android devices because of how the default library works. Don’t worry, Simple Gallery Pro fixes all of these problems with the following great features:

Simple Gallery Pro Mod APK

Interface is simple and easy to use.

Simple Gallery Pro makes it easier to keep track of all your media files. So, this application’s interface is easy to use and good for all kinds of users. After the installation, you’ll get instructions that will help you learn how to do the most common tasks. Make things look good and fit together. You can just open it and start using it right away. You don’t have to spend hours learning how to use it.

Easy ways to do advanced photo editing

With Simple Gallery Pro, it’s easy to change everything about a photo. You can crop, flip, rotate, resize, and even use filters that are already built in. When you click “Save,” the software will make a copy on its own. This lets you get back to the original image after making changes. This app gives you only simple tools for editing photos. Because it has more than one use and is not just a photo editing program.

a lot of different file types are supported.

You can’t make GIFs or effects in the library that comes with your computer. But this problem has been fixed by Simple Gallery Pro. The program can work with JPEG, PNG, MP4, MKV, RAW, SVG, GIF, panoramas, videos, and more file types.

Users only need to set the parameters for the type of effect, the order, the amount of time each file is shown, etc. This is a quick process, and you will get the item right away.

Simple Gallery Pro Mod APK

More scientific file management

Photos, videos, music, and other media take up a lot of space on your phone’s physical memory. People who like to take pictures often complain that they don’t have enough memory. So, they need to find programs that help them clean and organize folders in a scientific way.

Simple Gallery Pro is aware that some Android devices have this problem. When you install the app, the different types of multimedia files will be put into collections that make sense. For example, images from Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, etc. that you have downloaded or made yourself.

With just one click on the exclamation point icon in the corner, you can hide or show parts of the photo. You can also make shortcuts on your desktop. This will make it easier for you to get to files, copy them, and move them to different places.

Find resources that were deleted

Many Android users feel bad when they delete important photos or videos by accident. But this problem has been fixed by Simple Gallery Pro. This app has a recycle bin like the one on the iPhone. The files that you delete will be moved to a different folder. You can easily get these files back from this folder. This is one of the app’s most important parts. Many people are glad to have found important documents that they had lost.

Safe data security

Simple Gallery Pro will help users protect important photos and videos in your gallery. You can choose from three ways to set a password in the app. Pattern, PIN, and fingerprint are some of these. Fingerprints can be made from scratch or directly from the data you’ve already made.

Simple Gallery Pro Mod APK

Simple Gallery Pro MOD APK has the following features:

. Graphics are optimized and light.

. Cleaned resources for fast loading.

. The unnecessary files have been taken away.

. Menu items that were not needed have been taken off.

. Very little space for resources (10.7 Mb).

. Removed debug info.

Get the latest version of Simple Gallery Pro MOD APK for Android here.

Simple Gallery Pro is a great choice if you have trouble keeping track of your multimedia files. This app will give you the best experience possible because it has great features and is easy to use. You can now get the MOD APK here.

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