Simply Guitar by JoyTunes MOD APK 2.2.2 (Premium Subscribed)

Simply Guitar by JoyTunes is an award-winning guitar learning application that promises to help you a lot in learning and mastering this popular instrument.

Latest Version: 2.2.2
MOD Info: Premium Subscribed
Requires: Android 6.0+
Size: 371
Publisher: JoyTunes
Price: FREE
Genre: Education
Package: Google Play Link

Simply Guitar by JoyTunes is now available.

JoyTunes is the company that made this app. We had already shown you one of their music apps before that. It’s called Simply Piano by JoyTunes. Both the Piano teaching app and the Simply Guitar by JoyTunes app have the same features. It’s neither the first nor the best app for teaching Guitar, but Simply Guitar by JoyTunes has its own benefits that make it easy for any user to download.

Simply Guitar by JoyTunes MOD APK

For anyone who likes Guitar

One problem with apps that teach how to play the Guitar is that they are usually made for people who already know how to play the Guitar. Now, you can just use the app to learn new skills and facts and set up a scientific exercise schedule. Almost no one who doesn’t know anything about Guitar and really wants to learn it is afraid to use the app to start learning.

Simply Guitar by JoyTunes gets around this problem to become an app that anyone can use to learn how to play the guitar. Here, you can learn to play Guitar at your own level and pace. Simply Guitar by JoyTunes will figure out your current level by asking you a few questions the first time you use it. Based on your answers, it will suggest a schedule for your Guitar lessons and practice.

Guitar lessons by level

Simply Guitar by JoyTunes has detailed lessons for all levels, from beginners to experts, taught by well-known music teachers. You can use the system to find classes that are right for you, or you can look for them yourself. Once you agree to join, Simply Guitar by JoyTunes will automatically keep track of your learning and practice progress for future reference. It will also keep suggesting the next classes based on how well you are doing.

After each lesson, the app actively asks for and gets feedback from you to re-check your learning speed in each lesson and use that as a guide for the next step of planning for you.

How to Learn Guitar in a Fun Way

It’s pretty boring to learn to play in the classical way. You have to learn each note, remember the chords, practice your hands, practice the melody, and then put everything together to make the whole piece. The benefit of this method is that students will learn the basics well and have a good foundation for self-study once they have mastered it. But the biggest problem is that it’s hard for people to learn. A lot of people who want to learn the guitar end up giving up because the first steps are too hard, not fun enough, and take too long.

Simply Guitar by JoyTunes has something that can help with this boredom. Mix basic lessons with songs that go from simple to more difficult. Giving users the chance to practice and remember basic information while making repetitive training less boring. At least at the end of each lesson, you get a full song, which makes it more fun and gives you a great reason to “crawl” to the next lesson.

Through these songs, which range from short to long and small to big, you’ll learn chords and the techniques you need, but you shouldn’t skip any of the basics. This way of making lessons, where they go from one thing to another, speeds up the learning process and makes people more interested in learning. This is a good way for people of all levels to learn.

Simply Guitar by JoyTunes MOD APK

Learning while playing is also a part of Simply Guitar by JoyTunes, which organizes how to learn guitar by how to learn and how to play. Mini-games help you learn the basics of Guitar quickly. For example, you can read and play with the tabs, play chords freely by following the on-screen instructions, and switch chords whenever you want to make a little piece of music.

Part of what these play-learn lessons teach you is how to play the guitar correctly, with more precision and rhythm.

Monitor progress

Simply Guitar by JoyTunes has a tool that lets users track their progress as they learn and practice. Simply Guitar by JoyTunes will compare the notes you play as you practice and point out the wrong parts of the song. This will help you fix your mistakes and get better for the next song.

During the learning process, if you have important questions, you can send a message to the musicians who are part of the Simply Guitar by JoyTunes project and get a quick answer. You are not alone as you learn to play the guitar.

But what about people who are better?

When you reach a higher level and have made a lot of progress in your learning, Simply Guitar by JoyTunes will know right away and suggest a more advanced learning process for you. You’re never behind and don’t have to worry about getting stomped. You will reach new heights no matter where you start.

Tính năng mới

Latest Version: 1.4.46 (Last updated on Feb. 4, 2022)

. More online learning options; How to learn a new instrument with a video tutorial;

. Real-time feedback from users;

. Interface made easier to use;

. Fix a few small problems that were found in the old version.

Simply Guitar by JoyTunes MOD APK

MOD APK version of Simply Guitar by JoyTunes

MOD features

Premium Subscribed

Simply Guitar by JoyTunes MOD APK for Android can be downloaded here.

Overall, this is a fun and educational app that anyone can use. You don’t need to know how to play the guitar or have any experience with it. It’s for people of all ages and speeds. Simply Guitar by JoyTunes is a program that helps users learn how to play the guitar. When you download to learn piano, please don’t worry. You can try it now by downloading Simply Guitar by JoyTunes MOD APK.

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