StarMaker MOD APK 8.16.6 (VIP Unlocked)

Download StarMaker MOD APK so you can access all songs and duet with idols. This is a famous singing application with more than 50 million users worldwide. Unleash your singer potential with this amazing app now!

Latest Version: 8.16.6
MOD Info: VIP Unlocked
Requires: Android 4.3+
Size: 66MB
Publisher: StarMaker Interactive
Price: FREE
Genre: Music – Audio
Package: Google Play Link

Start talking about StarMaker.

StarMaker is a karaoke program that you can use online. It was made by StarMaker Interactive. Here, you can say whatever you want about how much you love music. You can choose any of your favorite songs from a song store that is always getting new songs. More specifically, you can sing with well-known people in a duet. The app also has a social network where you and other players can connect and talk about what you like. Now, let’s find out what this app has in particular!

StarMaker MOD APK

Huge music shop

Not only does the publisher have to upload music, but they also have to improve it so that it can be used with karaoke. But they still give users access to a huge music store. It looks like you can find any well-known song in this list. If you can’t find your favorite song, you can ask the publisher to update so you can find it. This app also has a wide range of music styles, including Pop, Rock, Classical, Ballad, etc. You can get lost in your favorite songs and music to have a great time.

The publisher will keep adding new songs to the music store to keep it interesting. Users always want something new, and they know this. From the top charts, user requests, or anywhere else they can find the most popular new songs. So that the user doesn’t lose their inspiration, the songs will also be dub with the original beat.

StarMaker MOD APK

Double singger

If you’re tired of singing a song by yourself, you can switch to a duet. With this app, you can link up with other people to sing a song together. In the song “See You Again,” you can change into Charlie Puth and sing with a Wiz Khalifa played by your friends. This is also when you show off your musical harmony skills to make a good cover.

You will be able to sing with international stars for the first time. Many people love and are interested in this part. Your idol will sing the different parts in the music video. To finish the song, you just have to listen and sing along with the words. It feels great when your voice blends with the voices of people you look up to. Find your idol on the list and pick him or her. The system will get rid of the songs they’ve already played. Just tap, hit the start button, and play.

StarMaker MOD APK

Taking notes and adjusting

With the sound adjustment feature, you can make your voice sound better. You can change the pitch, effect, and volume with the buttons at the bottom of the song screen. You will drag the force bars to change their mode to the best one. After you change everything, you can make your own style of music. If you have good acoustics, you will always make high-quality things.

Social network for sharing and connecting

StarMaker is similar to Smule in that it has its own social network so that everyone can stay in touch. You can talk about your cover products here. Friends and other people you know online will watch and talk about it. When people say great things about your product, it makes you feel good. You can also use their ideas to make better products in the future. You will become a celebrity when many people are interested in you and follow you.

This social network also has a livestream feature that lets you talk to your followers in real time. You will play live music when people ask you to. If they find it interesting, they will show their love by giving flowers or coins. Chat, talk, and get to know each other, and everyone will have fun and feel good.

Sound and interface

StarMaker lets you make a music player that looks and feels like any other. But it has been changed to look better and more professional. The music video has running text so people can sing along, and it also has a pretty picture in the background. You’ll see a music world that looks pretty professional and has a lot of visual and lighting effects. Also, the interface is set up in a way that makes it easy to access and use. You can record and play back high-quality sound, so you can hear your tracks to their fullest.

StarMaker VIP version

StarMaker is a free app, but it’s not quite free. You can still use karaoke and sing, but the songs and other features will be limited. If you sign up as a VIP member, you’ll be able to use all of the features and songs that come with it. If you don’t sign up for VIP, you can’t use the features that let you change the vocals and effects. The cost to become a VIP is also not too high, and you can find out more about it in the application. You will also get a 7-day free trial before you decide whether or not to renew.

StarMaker in MOD APK form

MOD has these

When you work with us, you will be completely free in every way. StarMaker, too, and your VIP membership will always be unlocked. In particular, the version of StarMaker MOD APK that has the MOD feature is:

VIP Got Access

Comments from people

Here are some reviews and comments about this app from people who have used it. You can look at it to get an idea of what it is about:

“This is a great and very nice app! I can sing and talk to the people around me.

“I think this app is really good! It helps me talk to my friends, sing with them, and get to know them very well. I love it! ”

“I just started playing, and I’m not very good at it yet, but I’m happy. This app is great because it lets you share, connect, and trade. with everyone, everywhere. It’s also pretty cool that it has a lot of parts. gifts that are more appealing.”

“What a great app! I hope StarMaker changes how the lyrics are shown so that the whole line isn’t highlighted and you can sing it wherever you want, like karaoke on tape!!! ”

“I hope StarMaker fixes the problems with this new version. Reason: I saw more than 200 people outside the live room, but when I went inside, there was no one there. Second: The error with the live gift box needs to be fixed. center! ”

“I hope that StarMaker will put out more Chinese songs and songs from Chinese soundtracks. If it’s possible, I’d like StarMaker to add more Chau Shen songs. Right now, I can’t sing the songs I want to or know how to sing. “

“Very happy to mix with people who love music, life, life, and friends on StarMker. They sing in a happy and pure way. This is a very healthy thing to do that makes life more interesting. Thank you very much, StarMer team! ”

Get StarMaker MOD APK for Android here.

With the StarMaker online karaoke app, you can sing your heart out to top songs. You can record your voice and edit it to make it sound better. Invite your friends to sing with you, or sing with your idols. When you join StarMaker’s huge music community, you’ll never have to sing alone. What are you waiting for? Get this app and start listening to music right away.

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