Tempo v4.5.0 Mod APK (Pro Unlocked)

Tempo MOD APK is the most perfect and versatile application in the field of video editing. It gives you a lot of powerful features to create great products. Explore now!

Latest Version: 4.5.0
MOD Info: Pro Unlocked
Requires: Android 5.0+
Size: 78MB
Publisher: Tempo trend video editor with effects & music. Ltd
Price: FREE
Genre: Video – Photo
Package: Google Play Link

Explain about Time

People often think of CapCut or Soloop when they talk about software for editing videos. But that’s because they didn’t know about Tempo, a cool and great music video editor. This editor is great for people who love making short music videos. You can choose from a lot of well-known themes and beautiful effects. We’re sure that after you use this app for the first time, you’ll fall in love with how easy it is to use and how useful it is.

Tempo Mod APK

Face swap with well-known people

Versatile application

Tempo is an app for editing that has a lot of cool features. It is the coming together of applications for editing videos, swapping faces, and making music. If you like to make short, high-quality videos to share on social networks, Tempo is the best app for you. It gives you a wide range of features that work together to make your life easier. You don’t need to get a lot of editing programs if you have Tempo.


Face changer will add more interest to your video. You can swap with any artist you like in the world with just one tap. What happens if you put on Taylor Swift’s face and dance to an Asian song? It will be a very interesting and unique video for sure. You can also change the gender, in addition to the face. You can choose from a variety of cool face stickers and filters on Tempo. From there, the swap will look more real, giving your video more quality.

Edit video

Tempo gives you tools to edit short videos to meet your other needs. You can use the most basic tools to cut, merge, and make other changes. You can add your own videos and clips and make them match the music. You can add text and fonts to your video to make it look better. Especially for music videos, thif Tempo lets you do amazing things with transitions. Overall, Tempo is just as good as any other professional video editor.

Make videos with music and effects

You can quickly trim, merge, reverse, and rotate video clips with Tempo’s basic editing tools. You can easily add music or make videos from photos and songs already on your phone or in the app’s gallery. There are a lot of cool effects you can try that will make your photos come to life.

The video effects in Tempo are made so that they work well for editing short videos. Tempo gives you access to a huge number of high-quality visual effects. These effects are made by designers who know what they are doing. There are also unique transition effects that make your video more interesting. They will match your video in a way that looks most natural. The publisher will also add more beautiful and high-quality effects all the time.

Tempo has a lot of music tracks you can use in your videos to make them more interesting and popular. You can also cut videos into pieces and join images from your gallery. A cool music video editor that lets you add music and pictures to videos and add effects to them. Make a social network with good music videos and a lot of people will watch and like them.

Tempo Mod APK

Make music videos that are good.

You can choose from different models.

Tempo has different templates based on different themes, such as love, lyrics, emojis, cartoons, and more. With Tempo, it’s easy to add music to your videos, make them more interesting with photos and templates, and add magical effects to lyrics videos. Also, get ready to be impressed by the cool transitions and effects. All of these will make your video more interesting and help you think of new ideas.

More songs and movies

Tempo also lets you make photo videos with different kinds of music in the background. So that when you make photo videos, you can always find the right music. You can also choose your favorite beat pattern, upload photos and videos, and easily make videos with music. Using the latest hits, you can make short video clips that are fun to watch. You can use the app at any time if you add your favorite music to it.

Save your videos and share them

Tempo has HD output in 720P and 1080P with no quality loss. You can export videos in many different formats. You can choose the right format based on how you want to use it. Tempo can publish videos in even rare formats like MKV, WMV, or VOB. This clip maker is easy to use and lets you make videos from photos and music in just a few steps. You can add music and transitions to your photos and video clips to make cool videos. You can always save or send videos to your phone.

Make more people aware of your art. You can share your work on the best social networks in the world with just a few taps. Millions of people are waiting for your video on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. With Tempo’s help, your fans will be very excited about every new product you’re about to release.

Interface for applications

Tempo has a lot of functions, but it is very easy to use. For beginners, each feature has its own set of instructions. Tempo will show you step-by-step how to make projects, add videos, and edit them. Even if you’ve never used an app like this before, you can quickly learn how to create and edit. The features are also well-placed and small, which makes things easier for users. You can also change the theme of the interface if you get tired of the one that comes with the app.

Tempo Mod APK

It’s easy to share videos on online forums.

About becoming a Pro

Getting a Tempo Pro subscription has a lot of benefits. With the Pro plan, you can use all of the limited features that come with the free version. If you make content, you should choose the Pro plan because it will help you make a lot of professional videos. Prices vary depending on whether you sign up for a monthly or yearly plan. For the best value, choose the subscription package that fits your needs.

You need to know how to sign up for Pro on Tempo. If you don’t cancel it at least 24 hours before the end of the current period, your subscription will automatically be renewed. After making a purchase, go to your Account Settings to manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal. No matter when you cancel a subscription you bought through an app on Google Play, you won’t get a refund for the current billing cycle. You will still get subscriptions as long as the current billing cycle is still going on. Your subscription will end at the end of the current billing cycle.

MOD APK version of Tempo

. MOD feature
. Pro Unlocked

In this version, we’ve made Pro free to use. To use Tempo right away, all you have to do is download and install it on your phone.

Get Tempo MOD APK for Android here.

In general, Tempo is a great tool for people who make content for social networks. This app will help them make their short videos look better. Tempo has a very simple user interface that makes it good for both beginners and more advanced players. This app has been downloaded more than 10 million times just on Google Play. How about you? Does this application meet your needs?

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