VivaCut v2.18.5 Mod APK (MOD Full Unlocked)

In today’s article, we continue to introduce you to a professional video editing tool. This app, called VivaCut, was developed by video editing experts. They created only the VivaCut application without another product.

Latest Version: 2.18.5
MOD Info: MOD Full Unlocked
Requires: Android
Size: 49MB
Publisher: VivaCut professional video editorVideo Players & Editors
Price: FREE
Genre: Video – Photo
Package: Google Play Link

Tell people about VivaCut.

In June 2019, VivaCut was released for Android. The app has gained tens of millions of users in the year since it came out. In which almost half of VivaCut Pro users pay money to get the latest version.

With VivaCut, it’s easy to change the way videos look in memory. Or, you can use the system camera to record video that you can then edit. With so many useful features, you’ll be able to make videos like a pro. Of course, you’ll need to spend some time learning how this app works. The reviews below will give you an idea of what VivaCut can do. Because of this, you will find it easy to use this app.

VivaCut Mod APK

Professional video editing

. You can change your video in many ways, from simple to complex.

. Add masks, text, stickers, emoticons,… to a video.

. Video footage can be made to look linear, mirror, radial, rectangular, or oval.

. Add video effects that go with the beat of the music.

. Add sound or video effects or music

. Choose effects for changes

. Music or audio can be taken from any video.

. You can add subtitles to videos with many fonts, colors, opacity, and shadows.

. Simple video settings like Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue, Color Temperature, and Opacity are easy to change.

. Combine filters and effects to get unique videos

. Choose slow motion or fast motion to change the speed of a video.

. Make music from videos

. You can combine clips to make double exposure or other effects.

. Add video to external images, add any video segment

You can combine many of your videos by using powerful blending modes like Color Burn, Multiply, Screen, Soft Light, and Hard Light.

Keep and pass on

When you’re done editing, you’ll be able to save the video in different sizes. You can change how the video looks in 720p and 1080p. In the archive, you can change the folder’s name and make it easy to work with. When you save the video, the system will keep the original and save the version you changed. So, you can change it if you don’t like the way it has been changed recently. In particular, the quality of the video won’t go down after it’s been edited. Or, you can share with just one touch on social networks like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

The bad thing about VivaCut

. Don’t try out all the free options.

. The VivaCut Pro version costs a lot of money.

. There aren’t many effects for videos.

VivaCut Mod APK

Updated with new features

Any app needs to be changed and improved to give the user the best experience. Also, VivaCut is often updated with new versions that add features and fix small bugs in the old ones. The developer has just added some new features that are quite useful.

Change the colors

The Curve Color Adjustment is the first new thing about the sun. You can use this feature to change your videos in a more professional way. Not only that, but you can also use a color QR code to share it.

2.60fps video output

The next cool thing is that it can output at 2.60fps. The developer has added a feature that is very impressive. With this feature, the video you send out is more smooth than ever. A lot of VivaCut users really like this new feature.

Added a “Undo” and “Redo” button

Almost everyone will find a few small mistakes or operations they didn’t expect while editing. Or, if you want to see how different something was before and after editing, we need the Undo and Redo feature. This means you can change what you just did or do it again. Before, VivaCut didn’t have this feature, so a lot of people asked the developer to add more. They also added a “Undo” and “Redo” button to the VivaCut app so that it would be easier to edit videos. This is a very important part of video or photo editing software.

VivaCut Pro users can sign up for a subscription.

VivaCut is an app that you can get for free from the Google Play store. But there are limits to what is free. You will only have access to a few simple functions. Other advanced features, which are often very important, are locked. So, to get the full experience, you have to sign up for the Pro package. At the moment, the publisher is offering three subscription packages:

If you don’t fully understand how VivaCut works, this is the best subscription for you. Try to use all of its parts in the short term. Within a month, you’ll know all about this app and be able to answer the question, “Should I subscribe or not?” ”

Annual: This is a great subscription for people who want to accomplish something quickly. For example, your project only needs to be done in a few months. You don’t know if you’ll ever need to use it. The problem with this package is that you can’t get your money back, even if you still have a few months left. So, you should give it a lot of thought before making a choice.

Lifetime: We recommend a lifetime subscription if you really like this app and want to keep editing for a long time. With a price of only 4 times the annual plan, you will be used forever. It is the best choice for people who want to make money editing videos.

Should you pay for the “Pro” plan?

In general, there are pros and cons to each subscription plan. The publisher has a lot of these kinds of subscription packages for users to choose from. They will have many options to choose from based on the economy and their needs. We think the Pro subscription is worth it, so you should try it out at least once. After a while, I’m sure you’ll feel the same way we do.

VivaCut Mod APK

VivaCut Pro is available as an APK.

When you get VivaCut from Google Play for free, you can use some of its features for free. Developer has given you a Pro package with a lot of advanced features to try. Of course, you have to pay fees every month to use it.

Get access to the Pro version’s features.

. Unlock Filter

. When you use the app, there are no ads.


If I switch phones, will I lose my Pro account?

Just click “Restore purchase” if your phone changes, your Pro identity isn’t recognized, or for any other reason. Please sign in with the same GooglePlay account you used to buy VivaCut Pro. Then, open VivaCut, go to Settings, and click Restore. So, you can keep your Pro membership up-to-date and check it again.

Why not sign up for the Pro plan if you’re still going to lose money?

This is something that a lot of you have to deal with. If you want to try the Pro version for free for 7 days, you have to cancel it 24 hours before it ends. If you don’t cancel your subscription in time, the system will do it for you. On the last day of the free trial, Google Play will charge you.

What is the longest video that can be sent out?

A lot of users worry about how long a video is. Free users can only export videos that are about 5 minutes long at most. If you have the Pro plan, the length can be as long as you want. If you don’t want to pay for the app’s Pro plan, you can also slow down the video to get it under 5 minutes.

The application is very slow and stutters.

Most of the time, this is because your phone doesn’t have enough memory. Please clear memory as soon as possible so that you don’t have too many apps running in the background.

Comments from people

You can look at what other people have said about it. You can then decide if you want to use this app or not. Here are some of the reviews that Google Play users have left:

“This app is great! But lately, some of my gifs and videos have become less good. I think it depends on how much room it has, but it doesn’t look like there is much room. It just picks the ones over and over again. Which parts will look fuzzy and which won’t. Change this! I trust you !!! “

“Oh, it looks fine. The only thing is that you can’t get rid of the watermark by watching ads. I couldn’t get InShot to work, so I came here. If no ads are watching, at least. Can you remove the watermark from each video in a way that lets you move the watermark? Like, move it from the bottom right corner to…”

“I love the app, but I don’t like how there are so many ads, subscriptions, and bugs. You’ll get 5 points if you fix those, and please make it hard to use.”

“I gave viva 5 stars because it’s a great app that’s easy to use and has tutorials if you need them. I had a lot of fun with this app, and you can even add music from videos that you already have on your device. I like it.

Installation instructions in great detail

The first step is to delete the original VivaCut from Google Play (if you have it installed).

Next, you need to get the APK version of VivaCut Pro from the article on REDMOD. Note: To get the most up-to-date and safest version, please download it from our website.

You need to give permission to install apps from Unknown Sources before you can install APK files. This section can be found in Settings, under Applications, under Security.

Open the APK file you just downloaded to start the process of installing the app. It takes less than a minute to install.

Open the VivaCut app once the installation is done. Then you have to give the app the permissions it needs, such as access to the device’s memory and camera.

The last step is to try this app for yourself.

Adobe Premiere Rush Premium and KineMaster Premium are two other apps for editing videos.

Download the Android version of VivaCut Pro APK (MOD Full Unlocked)

A long time ago, the developer put out VivaCut, which has been downloaded tens of millions of times from Google Play. This app also works with a lot of different languages. Because of this, VivaCut is one of the most used programs for editing videos right now.

You can also use Adobe’s Premiere Rush if you want to edit videos in a more professional way. And here is the link to the free VivaCut Pro APK file that you can download. If you can’t get the download and installation to work, please leave a comment in this article and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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